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  1. This has gotta be pip for sure...

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    2. Them's Seeing Ponies

      Them's Seeing Ponies

      The grammar of his posts is immediately recognizable (particularly the lack of commas in complex sentences) across all of his accounts - Tylad is also correct in that Pip tends to follow a large number of users almost immediately (and often greets them with similar messages/the same tone within status updates). 

    3. 0nyx


      So last night, I was chatting with pip on a discord server and he admitted to me that Christmas cheer was his account. Also, beware of "Twily sparkles 16" as well. He's been lying to me that it wasn't his account even though it's pretty obvious.


      (p.s. I know, he has an interesting preference in cartoons, but oh well)

    4. 0nyx
  2. Right now, nothing, though a few hours ago I ate pasta and pizza.
  3. Everything I can’t pick one.
  4. Thanks for the follow^^

    1. Christmas cheer

      Christmas cheer

      Merry Christmas spread Christmas cheer everywhere.

  5. Thanks for follow me. (Once would be enough).^_^

    1. Christmas cheer

      Christmas cheer

      Merry Christmas spreading Christmas cheer everywhere.

    2. Fluttershy Friend
  6. Why are you following me? Twice. 

    Who sent you!? 

    1. Christmas cheer

      Christmas cheer

      Merry Christmas.

  7. That I spread Christmas cheer everywhere I go.
  8. All the time. I don’t like messy things.
  9. Curly fries from artic circle, jack and the box and the fair.
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