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  1. Today, The Adventure of New Leaf, the Fossil of The Prewar Times, in the Equestrian Wastelands continues Here
  2. Here i give you my thanks for almost 250 people tagging along for my ride a comic, which is voiced and audio edited by me, and drawn by
  3. Today the Adventures of New Leaf continues in the dark and gloomy, irradiated wasteland
  4. <Embedding video link to post - Jeric>
  5. Here is the brand New Trailer of My Channel dedicated to Pony Gaming and many more things equines can do on a daily basis!
  6. The Title Thanks of you for those who are subscribed and welcome anyone who thinks watching a hooved creature playing things and voice acting is a good time passing^^
  7. Wel here goes i will change things here though soon again but hope this suffices as a good first impression to a channel all about gaming and ponies.
  8. New Leaf

    Ask JediShy

    Well the ultimate , defining question, cake or ice cream
  9. Dear Princess Celestia, i was wondering when you raise the sun, can say equestria is a sunny side up?
  10. what is your favorite game to play ?
  11. I must ask you fluttershy and twilight what is your favorite dessert
  12. Aside of that i love Conventions, Meetups doing karaoke and singing my face of in particular. Rather shy guy but with enough curiosity to find everything and anything he things he should know about. I do study business administration (almost done woot) and the fandom was my distraction at the time from things i didnt want to have at mind and i learned things like making Videos and youtube ( and what do you know those kinds of skills ended up helping me in school with Marketing skills and to the point where i have a guarenteed job with the government, all thanks to ponies. I like Cookies, Ice Cream, especially Nature and traveling to all kinds of Places and love reading Books just as much as i love an awesome party to grove out at and have enough cider for the neighbour hood (get it neigh, im a horse) and i dont like anything the revolves around being to serious and uptight. Rule you life, dont let rules rule it. If you ponies do wanna know more about this pony then do ask away, i wont bite unless your candy or such