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  1. No no no no no. I'll say it once and I'll say it a million times, I'm perfectly fine with Twilight becoming an alicorn if the rest of the Mane 6 become alicorns too, since they're all the wielders of the EOH. It would also fit the in-show universe as well (and my headcannon) that alicorns are made by using the EOH, and then Cadance is an alicorn from being the descendant of one of Celestia or Luna's children from hundreds/thousands of years ago, and as a non-EOH-made alicorn is not super-powerful or immortal. Then there's the fact that this is not a 2-part episode, so it'll probably be Suddenly Wings! instead of having an epic scene of turning into an alicorn to defeat new Super Bad. Yeah, I mostly want it this way to fulfill my headcannon, but it is an awesome headcannon.
  2. Sure, a single post user "MarketingThrowaway" is a member of the MLP team. This seems totally legit. My opinions on the info he "leaked": I never cared for derpy. If a "character" never does anything except be a background gag, I'm perfectly okay with the removal of said background gag. On Alicorn Twilight: silly Hasbro. You should know better that all the Mane 6 should become alicorns!
  3. Of course I'd watch this. It's not like I have to study for finals or anything. Spoilers:
  4. There is a big problem with this way of thinking however. Replace a god with the universe being a simulation ran by superior beings (well, technically they would be called gods in this universe) and you have the same result. Right now any superior being is not falsifiable, and I have no reason to believe in something non-falsifiable.
  5. I've just become an atheist. I've probably been an agnostic for a while now, but I was self-denying because I was too scared of breaking my religious indoctrination. I'm not absolutely sure there is no god/s, but if there is she/he/it hasn't revealed itself to humans yet.
  6. I am nearsighted, and my right eye is far worse than my left eye despite being my dominant eye. My glasses are dark brown and plastic, and I think I'll need to get new ones soon. I want to get LASIK surgery in about 10 years. BTW, does anyone get "light halos" around lightsources?
  7. We will get art like that to come if Twilight were to become an alicorn. Just saying. My want for alicorn art aside, my biggest problem with this is that it seems like it'll just be Twilight getting upgraded. The rest of the Mane 6 should become alicorns as well, after all that's most likely how Celestia and Luna got their OP powers (IMO the only possible explanation for them is that they became alicorns after EOH'ing Discord, and Cadance is a distant descendant of one of Celestia's children, however they don't have the magic & immortality that Celestia and Luna enjoy).
  8. SpaceX has plans for a martian colony by the 2030s I think. And compared to what NASA does (they seriously need new rocket designs) and what they've accomplished so far, I think they might pull it off.
  9. Alien life will not hurt us, how many bacteria and viruses can harm humans? They need to be specialized for humans to do so. Aliens cannot give us diseases, if they are even carbon-based water-needing DNA & RNA-using lifeforms with left-handed proteins then there's the huge DNA difference that will occur. If we can't get plant diseases, of which we share ~1/3 of our DNA or even mollusk diseases, which we share like ~70% of our DNA with, then there's NO way that an alien lifeform with 0% shared DNA (due to a different progenitor of life). It's even worse in the movies or Doctor Who, when humans can even have children with aliens (we can't even have children with chimps!). Although there is a negative side to finding life on Mars. It would probably mean no terraforming .
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/mars-mystery-curiosity-rover-made-big-discovery-183538041.html NASA apparently found a groundbreaking discovery on Mars from Curiosity's chemistry lab, but they're waiting till December in case it turns out to be false (probably not to make a repeat of the FTL neutrinos incident). But since evidence of water has been found on Mars, what else could the chemistry lab find? Obligatory:
  11. Or if they put it on Disney Channel it would probably become more suitable to the channel to prevent anyone from changing the channel. Or... they could put it on Disney Junior. *hides under my bed*
  12. Safe for kids, with a laugh track and toilet "jokes" every other sentence because the writers lack writing abilities. I know Gravity Falls & Phineas & Ferb aren't like that (for the most part), but EVERY. SINGLE. OTHER. SHOW. IS.
  13. Best case scenario: Disney buys Hasbro after Hasbro decides to cancel MLP, but before any public announcements. Then Disney decides to continue on with MLP, you know like they did with the Marvel shows (sarcasm). Relevant:
  14. I prefer grimdark fiction because it's more mature to me, and oftentimes the author overanalyzes the show and make the FiM universe seem more realistic. Also, the grimdark fics I read aren't gorefests with no plot, like Cupcakes.
  15. Anyone one here watching Sword Art Online? If you've watched the last 2 episodes, what are your thoughts on the episodes 15 and 16? And does anyone have any anime recommendations that has high quality animation, like Angel Beats, Another, SAO, Gosick, or School Days? I'm thinking about watching Clannad next, but I want to know some other good ones with better animation.
  16. I prefer pencils. Pens may be much sharper than pencils and not require sharpening, but nothing can beat the ability to erase what you wrote.
  17. My macbook. Background is Angel from the anime Angel Beats!. My iPhone. Also, I just realized just how many pixels the retina iPhone has. Makes me want the rMBP.
  18. I know English and I'm learning Italian at college. I regret my decision for Italian, I would much prefer Japanese (and would bother not to forget it all right after I finish Italian II).
  19. Anime I've watched: Skakugan no Shana Angel Beats! Anime I've watched but don't particularly like Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I've also tried to start watching Rosario + Vampire, but I couldn't bear through the first episode. I'm also planning to watch Fullmetal Alchemist, Hetalia (should be easy, they're just 5 minutes), Code Geass, and Gundam Wing. I might start watching Karin and Highschool of the Dead, but I'm not too sure about that. Anyone got another anime I could watch? Preferably one that's on Netflix.
  20. Black MacBook 2007 1.5GB RAM 2.16Ghz Core 2 Duo 160GB 5400rpm HDD 1280x800 13" monitor Intel GMA 950 iGPU OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard ... Yep, I need a new computer
  21. The iPhone 5 16GB starts at $200. The iPhone 4S used to start at $200 for 16GB before September 21st, but now it's 16GB-only for $100.
  22. Should of gotten it after the 21st, you would of saved $100 (or gotten a 16GB iPhone 5 for the price). I have an iPhone 4 8GB. Got it because it just became free, if it didn't I would have another dumbphone.
  23. I would say English since it could already be defined as this, but with the spellings changed so that everything is phonetic (I already have an idea for this) (seriously, ay is pronounced as ey and ey as ay in English), ALL words end with an s to become plural, and ALL verbs end with the same suffix for the past tense. Then it would be worthy of an international language. At the very least the Q and X should be removed as letters. Most useless letters in any language.
  24. ... that isn't where you are right now? I personally want to move to the Pacific Northwest. Preferably Washington or Alaska (Anchorage), but Oregon and British Columbia (if I ever need to leave the US and can get Canadian citizenship) would be okay too. The UK (Wales or Scotland) is another place I'd like to move to, and I can probably claim citizenship by ancestry in 2 EU countries (one of which is the UK). I guess I really like the idea of living in a temperate rainforest.
  25. Uncontrollable global warming (which would be one of the most idiotic ways for humanity to go extinct, with nuclear fission power at our disposal), Fallout-style nuclear war (I hope no government is that idiotic), or a gamma ray burst (doesn't seem likely, as it hasn't happened to Earth, or if it has not for 450 million years). Every other world ending possibility is pretty low to impossible to end humanity (like a polar shift, which has happened several times, including when humanity was alive, yet we're still here). And an asteroid big enough to cause human extinction just won't happen.