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    my favourite movies are Rio and the lion king
    my favourite tv series are mlp and the lion guard

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  1. some ponies that can talk do something to do with friendships.
  2. kubu

    hello im new here

    awww thank you cute profile BTW
  3. kubu

    hello im new here

    ha i like it
  4. kubu

    hello im new here

    thank you
  5. kubu

    hello im new here

    good the community is friendly
  6. kubu

    hello im new here

    thank you
  7. kubu

    hello im new here

    tiny pop is a tv channel for preschoolers
  8. kubu

    hello im new here

    *growls* oh wait....thank you
  9. kubu

    hello im new here

    thank you
  10. im not that interested in minecraft i was just wondering if they played anything else
  11. kubu

    non pony oc's

    my lion oc kubu i made him earlier this year this year
  12. kubu

    my other oc sifiso

    sifiso means wish in zulu she is a lion.
  13. kubu

    non pony oc's

    this topic is for your original charaters that are NOT PONIES. so for example your oc could be a dragon
  14. kubu

    my oc kubu

    kubu is a lion https://pm1.narvii.com/6959/2b268dcaba2bd3e80012caf92741c75e1aa573e9r1-1024-808v2_128.jpg (im 14 btw)