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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: Have an awesome one! B)

  3. Happy Birthday :P

  4. Um, does Monopoly count?
  5. I'm super late for this (American time, anyways) but.......

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be wonderful and prosperous for all!

    Also, it's a new decade. Let's hope for a bit less horrible mainstream music and news events...


    1. EpicEnergy


      Happy New Year! :grin:

    2. Tacodidra


      Happy New Year, my friend! B)

  6. I got leaked on the new "Pony Life" art style/announcement.

    What do you guys think about it?

    Personally, I don't really like the new, cartoony look the creators are going for:  so many modern kids shows have exhausted this art style to death. I don't know if this was revealed, but I really hope the show will at most have it's episode run time at 11 mins judging my the perceived tone they're going for in the show. Something like Recess, maybe. It'll probably be tedious if they keep the same running time.

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm not sure yet what to think about the designs... I've seen a lot worse, but I still prefer the FIM art style. However, I'm very glad the Mane 6 will have the same voices! :)

    2. doomie-22


      Honestly, I like this style thanks to the same style being used in the comics.

      I'm interested in seeing where this goes. 

  7. Sorry for the necroposting, but I just want to put my own ideas here (especially with all the RariJack fuel, this might be somewhat relevant). Depends on whether we're talking EG or FiM. Different characters. I'd say: FiM: Twilight: Straight. Shows no romantic reaction with any mares in the show. Flash Sentry (unfortunately) exists, so she's straight. Fluttershy: Straight. For a shy pony, she never really shows any romantic interest except (in my unbiased opinion) in Discord. I swear they're more than friends, especially if you read the comics. Applejack: Lesbian. No r
  8. Well, this was it.

    MLP:FiM was a wonderful and remarkable show to me; its characters were endearing, the writing was on point, the animation was at the least dated and bland and at the most gorgeous and colorful. It was a show I made happy memories with, connected with the characters, and so much more. I think what's truly special about MLP is that it shows that kids shows can be smart, funny, and interesting for all ages. MLP, as well as other great shows, shook the boundaries of what to expect from children's entertainment.

    I haven't seen the finale. But I hope it captured all that made MLP likable; it's smart and witty dialogue, the amazing and relatable characters, the goregous coloring and lighting, hell, even the lore was awesome!

    Here's to a show that was the butt of so many memes, but turned out to be much more amazing than many could have predicted.

    1. CypherHoof


      The animation style was simple but the characters were still distinctive, and it didn't get in the way of the storytelling, so on the whole, it all worked out OK.

  9. I hope you all enjoy the Season 9 finale! Although I won't be joining you on your hype train, I really do hope MLP has a sincere and wonderful ending. Again, please excuse my inactivity as I am trying to avoid spoilers and just have a busy life :-P. Thank you for your understanding and have a great afternoon/morning/evening!

    Also, this:



    Spoiler tagged it just in case, you never know...

    1. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :yay:

      I hope you enjoy it too! :rarity: Good luck with the spoiler avoidance – it seems to have been quite difficult for many people, myself included. :please:

    2. imawesome


      @Tacodidra Yeah, I heard about the leaks :yeahno:. Those are never any fun.

  10. Can I roll over and die?

    So, I dug up some comments I posted as a guest on TheTopTens, and honestly, I eel like face palming with every word I wrote. Here's my sample opinion I wrot for the episode "A Flurry of Emotions":


    A Flurry of Emotions wasn't at all an episode I had extremely high hopes for,I just thought it would be all around fun. Unfortunately, this episode includes a weak beginning,and an awful script. However,Flurry Heart steals the episode with her adorableness,and mirror example of a kid. What I'm noticing is that MLP:FIM is making more two story episodes,with one being the major focus and one being the minor. This episode does that quite well, and I loved an MLP character who liked art.A LOT. Good moral as well. A mix of bitting off more than you can chew which is WAY overdone in my little pony,but includes some try to make time with others. I also find quite remarkable that so many side characters where thrown into this episode for good purposes. A step up!


    Out of all the things I could leave as my mark on the Internet, too... :eww:

    1. Tacodidra


      Reading my old posts makes me cringe too! :please: I don't think your review is that bad, though! :)

    2. imawesome


      @Tacodidra It's really just the grammar and spelling mistakes that make me cringe. Also the fact that the post was from only 2 years ago. 

  11. The urge to watch MLP right now is strong...

    Okay, so I cheated a little and watched the S9 finale trailer. Can you blame me?

    In fact, I haven't really kept my promise with spoilers at all, but I still haven't watched any of  S9/EQG/Rainbow Roadtrip yet, so truce? :mlp_please:

    Image result for all aboard the hype train mlp meme

    1. Tacodidra


      That's the exact opposite of what I've been doing... :please: I've watched every episode, special and such (except for the most recent EqG short), but the finale trailer is something I'm avoiding. :adorkable: That's the one episode I don't want to know anything about before watching! :ticking:

    2. imawesome


      @Tacodidra  Makes sense. I just saw it in my recommendations an couldn't help myself. Which was probably for the worst considering my goal to not watch ANY FiM content until the Netflix release. 

    3. Tacodidra


      I can imagine it doesn't really make the waiting easier... :adorkable: Regardless, I hope enjoy the new episodes whenever you choose to watch them! :fluttershy:

  12. The urge to watch MLP is killing me right now.

    Sorry for the unannounced break; I was working as a camp counselor for a quick three weeks. 

    How is everything going?

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm fine, thanks! :kindness: I hope everything is going well for you! :fluttershy:

      As for the urge to watch MLP, I understand completely. :adorkable: I'm waiting for the next episode to air, quite impatiently. :please:

  13. Damn it, I want to watch MLP so bad what with the spoiler I just got. Must resist... ponies...

  14. Welp, just got another spoiler that it was


    Sombra who destroyed the Tree of Harmony.

    Seriously, YouTube recommendations!?

    1. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      The Information Age.... She be a double edged mistress. :yeahno:

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