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  1. Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season, I know I sure I did. The hive really had fun celebrating Carol's Eve, and I actually got my brother to participate in festive social activities! Then for New Years we tried fireworks for the first time in the hive. We have a few new holes, but all in all I think it was a good learning experience. Before I go on any further, I really want to apologize. I missed January 6th, Huggo de Buggo Day, which one of your staff was kind enough to create over a year ago in honor of the changelings and our new means of sharing love magic. I would have arrived on time but, Chrysalis decided to gift our hive with gas bombs that repel insects. It took us two days to air the hive, and even now it still smells unpleasant. Anyway, Huggo de Buggo Day, for those who aren't aware of the calendar event, is crafted after 'National Hug/Snuggle Day' in the US/Canada. The changelings share love magic through relationships with others, and through physical acts of care and affection, so I guess you could say we fit the bill perfectly. As with last year, I hope everyone here is kind enough to give their friends and family a hug once in a while. People and ponies, like changelings are social creatures, so we all benefit from letting those around us know that we care. The only rule to remember is that some creatures like their personal space. @Pharynx only let's me hug him a few times a year, and I've...mostly learned to live with it! Oh, and if you see any changelings around the forum be sure to offer them a hug! Not only is it nice, you're also giving them something to eat! Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful 2020! I'll upload the Huggo de Buggo banner to the calendar event, that way it can be seen year round! Thanks to @Lord Valtasar for making the banner, and to @~C. Discord~ for creating the event! You guys are so nice! See you around, everyone!
  2. I'm sure Pharynx will appreciate the gesture, C.Discord. He's not so good at responding to everything directed towards him online, yet. He's also not very good at accepting kind gestures towards him. Trying to give him a hug is like trying to pet a jellyfish, and just as dangerous! As for me, I can't even express how much that means to me, thank you! We love Calor, he's a laid-back homebody who helps me look after the younger changelings, and he always has great event ideas! Please let the rest of the staff know how appreciative we are of thier inclusion of changelings. We're still opening up to the species of Equestria who are still cautious of us, so it's a blessing to have a non-judgemental place for us to mingle with non-changelings!
  3. Always have to work in a way to make fun of me in front of everycreature, don't you? I'll have you know that I've already been keeping a close eye on all the changelings, here. I keep up to date with them and we discuss aspects of MLPF that the hive could potentially adopt, for the better. The hive, even now is not perfect, Pharynx, we're always looking for ways to improve. If it'll take you off this warpath you have, I'll put together a squad to return to the hive, this week, and help you catch up on chores. We can discuss things looking forward, from there. A huge thank you to everyone, especially the staff for entertaining my brother's abrupt announcement! I know it's out of place and kinda blunt but, he has good intentions. I guess, for the time being you'll see both of us around the forums here and there.
  4. Uhh, @Pharynx I'd really prefer you not antagonize the bad guys needlessly! I had no idea Chrysalis was here, or this team she's with, but let's not engage with them until we need to, right?
  5. Yeah, that's right. I know how to use memes, now. There's a website that adds captions! He's always so brash... Um, if anyling is reading this, don't worry about it so much for now. If everyling could maybe just let us know that they're still here, and wouldn't mind checking in with Pharynx at the hive, that should be a good first step. I'll follow up with Pharynx, and we'll get things sorted, one way or the other.
  6. Hello, Derplight! We still miss you at the hive! The nymphs always love to play on your couch whenever you visit! I mentioned it because the changelings need hobbies, too, Pharynx! The days of us working to exhaustion left us with Chrysalis. Now we have the opportunity to explore ourselves, and discover new things that we like, and want to try. I understand a few chores may be behind, but I don't think that warrants an emergency hive return protocol.
  7. P-Pharynx, you can't just post things like this in the Canterlot area, this is the staff update forum! Also, since when has this been such an issue for you!? I thought you were fine with the community when I pointed it to you, after I discovered it!
  8. Oh, this is just wonderful! I can't wait to show the other changelings these new badges, what a kind, thoughtful representation of our new way of life in the hive! Thanks, Jeric!
  9. The changelings are all about sharing love, now, so I'm definitely on board! And here I thought Hearths Warming was the only love-based pony holiday! Also, everyone should remember that while romantic love is highlighted, all love is beautiful, and so you shouldn't feel left out if you don't have someone special. Your family and friends love you too, and that's what matters most.
  10. Hey! I hope you're doing well. I've just been checking in on changelings I've been seeing around the site, whether they're living at the hive or not, or whether they've transformed or not. Always know you have a home there!

    1. FanOfManyShows


      I'm doing good, thanks for asking ;P

  11. Oh, hey there! I just wanted to say hello, and that, though you're still apparently a fan of the old ways, that you're always welcome at the hive! If you'd ever like to talk I'm always available, I want all changelings to have the opportunity to live in the hive.

    1. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Late reply my apologies! And yeah of course, I prefer the old ways, wonder if that's a shame on that one, I guess it depends on the point of view of the perceiver? It's great to hear that though!

  12. Oh, goodness, you guys, I can't believe how much this exploded! And, did the staff feature this on their front page? That's so kind of them! I can't tell you all how much this means to me! The changelings had so much fun today, I've been hearing non-stop about it! They've decided to stick around a little while longer, assuming that's fine with everyone. I'm definitely going to stick around as well, I can't wait to meet everyone here and make a few more friends! It seems there are a few changelings from my hive who've taken up residence here, so I really want to check in with them, as well. With any luck maybe I can get certain other changelings to spend some time on here, too! Wish me luck, everyone, and thanks so much for taking our little holiday and making it such a warm experience!
  13. Derplight, it's great to see you! I see your couch is still doing well; you too, hopefully. I probably sound like a mother hen with all you guys but, I can't help but worry sometimes. You should visit the hive more often!

    1. Derplight Sperkle

      Derplight Sperkle

      I will come by in the future! I miss you guys at the hive

  14. 'His Two Favorite People' by Dragonpone Hello, everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Thorax, and I'm the (still pretty new) leader of the changelings. It's taken me a while to build up the confidence to say that, honestly, but I suppose it's better late than never! I know everyone is busy, but I'm here today to share something with you all, and hopefully you'll be as excited for it as the changelings are! My kind used to take love forcefully under the rule of our former queen, and for a very long time we lived as emotion vampires, feared or even seen as repulsive by other species. In my own self-exile from my hive, I discovered that changelings could put an end to their constant hunger - not through stealing love from other creatures, but through sharing it with them. By expressing compassion for others, and receiving it in return, I proved to my kind that we could be more than parasites! Okay, no, this is ridiculous - you're ridiculous, Thorax. Why are you using that eyesore of a color? Who do you even expect to read that? Pharynx, what are you-hey, let go of the keyboard! I'm trying to make an announcement for Huggo de Buggo Day (coined by Spike by the way, everyone)! And, what are you talking about? I'm just using my chitin're doing the same exact thing. Yes, because this is how you rock an exoskeleton. Yours is an eyesore, Thorax, because you're an eyesore. know you don't have to be so mean to me, especially in front of everyone - I'm trying to do PR, here. Oh, I'm sorry; hello Pharynx's brother, I'm Pharynx, my lot in life - among other things- is to pick on you. Perhaps we've met. Sorry, everyone, Pharynx can be a bit...invasive, sometimes. You know what, I'll just use my eye color instead. Anyway, because of our discovery that sharing love is better than taking it, today is a very special day for the changelings! Now that my kind is peaceful, we've taken to celebrating our new self-sufficient way of life by sharing it with other creatures! Love is what gives us our energy, and that wouldn't be possible if not for our friends and family, who provide us with that love. Today, on January 6th, try extra hard to spread love and kindness to those around you! Whether they're a changeling or not, give them a hug! All of my hive will be doing the same, as we pay our neighbors a visit and offer them our company. I'm sorry, I don't actually have any events or anything for any of you, as far as this site goes! To be honest, the changelings just got a computer, and we're still learning how to use it. It took weeks for the drones to pester Pharynx into getting just one for the hive, because he's pretty sure the changelings are going to fall behind on hive chores and duties now that they have a distraction. Whiny little sacks of glitter...I mean for the Hive's sake it's practically a lamp with all that light it gives off. 'New Era of the Changelings' by inuhoshi-to-darkpen In summary, today is a day to celebrate the fact the changelings have joined modern Equestrian society, and that we are now creatures of love, not creatures who feed off of love. As you go about the site, as well as around in the world outside, give a changeling a hug! Give your friends and family hugs, as well! They're a sincere, personal way to show that you care. I'm actually gonna hurl, Thorax. If you must, but just don't get any on me, I have changelings to hug!'re such a dork, how are are we related, again? Thank you for reading, everyone! This is actually my first time posting on any website, let alone on this one. Could you let me know how I did in the comments? I'd definitely appreciate a hug in the comments or maybe on my profile, as well! I'll be doing the same throughout the day! I'd love to see if I can get more changelings on here, it seems like a really warm, friendly place. Until next time! Thorax -also Pharynx, an unwilling yet apparently much needed chaperone to this runaway hippie train No, don't leave that, Pharynx!
  15. Welcome to MLP Forums Thorax. :pinkie: