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  1. I did not know you could do that. It's beautiful.


  2. What do the zeros mean?

    1. 000-00-00-00


      It's an Unus Annus reference since the YouTube channel ended earlier this month. I don't have any name changes until December so I'm stuck with this name for a while.

    2. Muffinnz


      There's a limit on name changes?

    3. 000-00-00-00


      Yep, three in a thirty day period.

  3. Ugh, I'm such an idiot. I replaced the carb on my moped since the old one was having issues, but for the life of me could not get it to start. Put the old carb back on and still wouldn't start. Spent like three hours trying to fix it and ended up flooding the engine, so I took a half hour break to let it dry out, but it still didn't start. Then it hit me.

    I left the freaking killswitch on. Turned that off and it fired right up.

    Well, as annoyed as I am, I'll still take that over a serious engine problem any day. Time to spent the next hour tuning the carb and getting the rest of my moped back together. Hopefully I'll have enough time left to go grocery shopping today.

    I also might just get some fast food or something. I need dinner, but it's getting a bit late to go to Walmart.

    1. You


      I can assure you, we all made such mistakes. ;)

  4. My parents are going to visit one of my half-sisters at the other end of the state, but I don't like her husband, her kids, or her dogs, so I'm staying home and keeping my cat company. The week after Thanksgiving, my sister (different sister. This is the sister I grew up with) is coming over for a few days and we're gonna have another "Thanksgiving" with the four of us. That I'm looking forward to. Haven't seen her since last Thanksgiving when we went to her place in Ohio.
  5. I go to Walmart and pick out what I need. Don't really want to bother with trying to set up pickups, especially since I normally walk into the store with only a partial shopping list and a vague idea of what I want. I might actually start going to Kroger instead, considering there's one right down the road from my house, and Walmart is almost a fifteen minute ride. I'm just not sure how the prices compare at the two stores. Gas price is a nonfactor (my moped gets somewhere around 80 mpg), so the longer ride is mostly just a convenience thing. Plus the extra weight from groceries really makes it tough to get up hills.
  6. I wish. It doesn't snow often here. I love snow, so I want to move further north someday. Maybe Montana.
  7. Literature analysis. It's the one class I struggled with in school. Give me math or writing or history any day, but put a George Orwell novel in front of me and tell me to analyze it, and I suddenly have the mental capacity of a goldfish.
  8. At my last job my boss thought it was weird that I wanted a motorcycle. And I guess that's fair enough. Nothing about me screams "biker," especially considering I'm built like Jack Skellington and am about the most uncool person you could meet.
  9. I've gotten Brooks and Saucony before and they held up well over time. They are on the expensive side ($80 to $120 for their "budget" shoes), but the pairs I tried lasted many years of school gym class and marching band. On the topic of marching band and shoes, the Drillmaster shoes we had to get for marching band (think I paid around $35) lasted five years of marching band, plus I always wore them if I needed to dress nice since they do look pretty good. Also wore them to church every week, back when my parents forced me to go. The soles actually wore down so that there's almost no tread left, but the shoe itself is still completely solid. Nowadays I don't wear shoes much. Since I ride a moped everywhere and I'm gonna get a motorcycle as soon as the safety classes open back up, I pretty much exclusively wear boots now (though I do keep one of my old pairs of Brooks in the closet, just in case). Motorcycle boots are not cheap. I think the pair I'm wanting to get is just under $300? It goes like halfway up your calf and has a bunch of armor and adjustable buckles to make sure they fit snugly. It's a lot to spend for boots, but it's much cheaper than going to the hospital and having to have your foot reattached (kind of gruesome, but I kid you not, it's fairly common for a motorcyclist's foot to be torn off in a serious accident if they're not wearing the correct gear). Here they are. $280, but that's nothing compared to a hospital bill. They're also supposed to be waterproof.
  10. My favorites (in no particular order) are: jschlatt slimecicle Markiplier Jacksepticeye Do It With Dan Linus Tech Tips Demolition Ranch The Mighty Jingles ZNA Productions Unus Annus (RIP)
  11. It would definitely be MLP. The end of the show didn't hit me until the Gala at BronyCon 2019, at which point I cried for a solid twenty minutes. A few of the episodes have also made me tear up, being The Perfect Pear, and re-watching the end scene in The Cutie Re-Mark part 2 when the screen pans out and it has all the characters standing together. That scene hits different now that the show is over.
  12. Mostly I use my PC and Xbox One S (the all-digital version. I got it new for less money than a used regular One S), but I also have an Xbox 360, a GameCube, a Nintendo 64, a DSi, a Gameboy Advance SP (with a broken screen), and we used to have a Wii but it broke a while ago.
  13. The first day without a new Unus Annus video. I feel kind of lost.

    Also I ran out of name changes, so I'm stuck like this until December, lol.

  14. I feel like this song is relevant right now.


  15. Yeah, on everything I can. It's not that much extra effort and it adds an extra layer of security. Why take the chance, especially with important accounts?