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  1. "There's a big difference between pushing yourself as hard as you can, and just being reckless. And if being reckless is what gets rewarded around here, if that's what it means to be a Wonderbolt, then I don't want any part of it."
  2. Thunderstorms. Those used to terrify me, but now they're more just unsettling. I'm always on edge when a thunderstorm rolls through.
  3. I wish. Sleep takes up so much valuable time. But people have died from sleep depravation, so sadly, no. We can't survive without sleep.
  4. That depends. I loved Doom 2016 so much I played through the whole campaign in one sitting, but extreme violence in basically any other game makes me feel queasy. I think it comes down to what's in the game. In Doom it's just demons, so no big deal, but I don't necessarily like lots of gore when humans are the ones being killed.
  5. I've thought about it and I've been meaning to try it, but I have other things I need to save money for first.
  6. Rainbow would want to go somewhere fun and exciting, so maybe an amusement park? She might also enjoy an indoor parkour course, paintball, or going on a dirt bike trail. Of course, the last two are assuming she gets a human form. Kind of hard to do those with hooves. On second thought, scratch the dirt bike trail. That takes too much training to be a feasible first date.
  7. Probably playing MechWarrior 5, considering I'm about to close this tab and head there in about ten seconds.
  8. I remember learning that in IB Physics in high school. It was the end of the year and my teacher was running out of things to teach from the curriculum, so he brought up that topic one day. It is theoretically possible to jump forward in time, but we have no way of moving a human at sufficient speeds, so it remains science fiction. Still pretty cool, though.
  9. Nope. I'm just getting started. There's so much I need to get done, so many things to try before I actually feel like my life was worth living. So far I've done jack shit, but I'm finally getting to the point where I can see progress, and things are looking up for the first time since high school. No way would I be happy calling it quits at a time like this.
  10. I would, but I have terrible ingrown hair problems on my legs, so I just trim them every few weeks or so. I have really thick leg hair that traps in a lot of heat and oil, so I prefer to remove it.
  11. Hey, I actually remembered to do something for once. Here's the old Schwinn I mentioned in my last status update.


    As you can see, the wheels are super fucked, especially the rear one. And it's missing some brake pads and the kick stand because I put them on my current bike.

    And yes, our garage is a horrid mess. We never go in that section of the garage (it's mostly really old storage that my parents haven't touched since they moved here), so it's not that big of a deal.

  12. Well today was hectic and kind of weird. I woke up at like 2:15 pm and had to leave for work at 3:30, which left no time to relax or practice my guitar. I basically ate lunch (breakfast?), got ready for work, and left.

    Except my bicycle didn't work. None of them did. The one I've been using for the past few weeks broke right as I was leaving, so I got mad and really broke it (I have a short fuse when I'm stressed, especially when I'm short on time. I remember smashing my printer in college because it wouldn't print an essay as I was leaving for class). Tried taking my old bike, but that one fucked up too, and the coaster brake on my sister's bike seized up.

    Tried calling my dad for a ride, but he was mowing a lawn and couldn't hear his phone, so I got an Uber (during corona, yes. Both the driver and I were wearing masks) and got to work ten minutes late. Somebody shouted at us on the road, not really sure why.

    Work was super busy since it's a Monday (Monday and Tuesday are usually our heaviest days), but overall wasn't bad. Got a ride home from my parents and spent three hours cobbling parts together from the three bikes (also yoinked a couple brake pads from my mom's old bike. I'd love to ride that one, but the wheel rims are fucked and 26" x 1" wheels are hard to find nowadays. It's a really cool 10 speed Schwinn with thumb shifters and drop bars from the 90's or thereabouts. I'll try to remember to post a picture tomorrow). Finally got my old bike working, other than the gear shifters. Never could get those to function properly. My gear options are: second gear or fifth gear. Jumps the ones in the middle, won't go into first, and can't go into the high gears.

    Now I'm in my room eating grilled cheese, vegetable juice (because I forgot to buy tomato soup again. They're similar enough), and popcorn while window shopping for mopeds on Facebook Marketplace. It's gonna be another month before I can afford one. Oh well. I'll cope.

  13. Recently I discovered chickpea spaghetti. Sounds weird, I know, but it actually tastes kind of similar to regular pasta, and slathered in sauce and parmesan cheese you'd never know it wasn't regular spaghetti. Main difference is what you get out of it.

    Chickpea spaghetti has much less carbs than regular pasta so you can actually eat a full bowl of it without feeling sick, but more importantly, it's got a shit load of protein (about 35g in a 5.3oz serving). I'm still trying desperately to gain muscle mass (I've been hovering around 135 pounds for the past three to four months - still ten pounds below healthy weight), so hopefully that will help. I stopped gaining weight the instant I stopped drinking protein shakes, so a lack of protein might be the issue there.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the aftertaste. Whatever you do, don't eat uncooked chickpea spaghetti (I think it's just some sort of coating they use to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other while cooking. Once it's cooked and thoroughly rinsed there's no aftertaste).

  14. Attack on Titan. My Little Pony or Pokémon?