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  1. Booker

    Bad Policy

    All bricks and other toys now have to be made out of solid 24K gold. Microsoft.
  2. Jailed for standing in the way of police while shouting at them and preventing them from passing.
  3. Whatever happens it would probably be an improvement, so I'd go for it. I wouldn't be happy about going outside in the cold, though.
  4. Can't say it was enjoyable. It was on the coast so it rained all the time (which sucked because I was in the second most remote dorm), the one good dining hall was only open for three hours on week days, every professor (well, all but three of the professors I had) were boring and so much worse in every way than my high school teachers, the campus itself was acceptable, the library was massive, the students were terrible and inconsiderate, and the city it's set in is a cesspool (the whole Virginia Beach area is just one big mistake, tbh).
  5. Not very well. I have trouble falling asleep, and when I do finally fall asleep and wake up again, I still feel tired. Also, I have to sleep with the head of my bed elevated, otherwise my stomach causes problems if I eat within eight or so hours before bed.
  6. I completely stop moving when I get really nervous and my brain starts shutting down, at least if I'm around people. If I'm alone I basically do the exact opposite. I move around more than I normally do and my mind goes into overdrive trying to think of a way out of whatever is making me nervous.
  7. Maroon and silver. Those were my high school colors, and I guess they grew on me over the years.
  8. Gerard Way: We are not a Cult. (at 6:18 and 6:35)



    Gerard 15 years later: *uploads this video and (probably) makes their next album about witchcraft.



    Unrelated, but that second video is somehow trending on YouTube. I don't know how, but at least I know that a bunch of people have good taste in music.

  9. After not sleeping for a day so I could fix my sleep schedule, I went to bed early last night and ended up just sleeping almost sixteen hours and waking up at the exact same time as usual. So that was nothing but a big waste of time.

    1. Rixton


      Sleeping is "hard to solve thing", it is a program for your body written hard and needs much time, what is different to everybody. For me, it's no matter if I go to sleep at 20:00 or 0:00, I will wake up at ~7:00.

  10. I would, but it doesn't feel right spending any more money upgrading a computer that's over ten years old and has questionable hardware compatibility. I could buy a really good case and swap out the internals when I buy parts for a new PC, but I don't have the money for that yet. Or, I do have another junker Dell case (this one's even older; the most recent CPU it can take is dual core) that I could try to use. At least that one has a mounting point for a fan and a bunch more internal space.
  11. Booker

    Bad Policy

    G4 of MLP has to continue until the business goes bankrupt. Apple
  12. Probably a motorcycle crash or an illness. All those solder fumes and dust particles of questionable toxicity I've inhaled over the years are going to catch up to me someday.
  13. Somewhere at the corner of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I love the Appalachian mountains, and I wouldn't mind moving a bit north where summer isn't quite so hot and snow is a little more common in winter. Preferably in a rural area not far outside of a city. That way I'm not miles away from civilization, but I'm not close enough to be bothered by all the people and noise, either.
  14. Why can't I just make myself be less scared to try The things I wish I could do like soar into the sky The more I try to hide my doubts the more that I find Perhaps I should give up and just pretend i don't mind Fluttershy don't let this end, no one's a perfect friend This burden's not just yours to bear You've gotta know your friends are always there So come out of the rain, we didn't mean to cause this pain Just grab your dreams and don't let go They're yours to keep so hold them close
  15. I downloaded Doom for the first time today and spent five hours playing it. I think it's safe to say I really like the game.