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  1. I don't think a thief would fit any of the main characters. Maybe a reformed thief, but that's about it.
  2. 7/10. Not normally a fan of old songs but that wasn't bad
  3. I'm writing a story on FiMFic and I was wondering if someone would be willing to do the cover art. I was thinking a simple digital would be good (flat colors, very simple background of an empty sky and a grassy hill). It would involve Scootaloo (without her cutie mark) and an anthro OC of mine. I can also give you access to the unpublished story if you want to get a better feel of the OC's personality and the characters' situations. It's about finished, so I have enough done to give a pretty good idea of those (~10k words). The OC is basically a humanoid pony with the head of a gryphon and clawed hands (excuse the horrible editing, his head should be the same color as his body). And yes he only has one wing. The pose I was picturing (again, excuse the terrible art. I'm not an artist, hence why I'm here). This picture is more true to the OC's design, the first one was just included to show color (I just noticed he doesn't have a tail in this one, but he's supposed to).
  4. The Wolf by SIAMÉS. The music video is really cool, too.
  5. Not yet, but I'm going to get one when I move out on my own.
  6. I've always loved fruit salad, but I used to hate regular salad until recently. Back when I was in college there wasn't really much edible in the dining hall, so I had to start eating salad basically as filler. Honestly, once you get a good combination of ingredients it can actually be really good (iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese, dried cranberries, goldfish, and ranch make a great combination imo).