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  1. Not the best music artist, but he has some good songs.
  2. I've never liked it. The humor is too dirty (even cruel at times), and the art and animation styles don't look good to me.
  3. Something simple. I really don't mind settling. I wanna live alone in a quiet, rural-ish neighborhood (one or two hundred feet between houses surrounded by trees would be perfect), working as a costume maker from home, which is my dream job. I'd also love to attend as many conventions as humanly possible, since A they're fun, and B it actually ends up being profitable for many makers and artists. It's actually surprisingly realistic for a dream of mine (which are usually more fantasy than anything), but it's probably gonna take quite a few years to get there.
  4. Chocolate chip cookie dough, but mind chocolate chip and black raspberry (only certain brands. Black raspberry from an ice cream parlor is the best) are incredible, too.
  5. A t-shirt and sweatpants (and underwear, obviously). I'll never understand how some people can sleep naked. I don't even like being naked for the time it takes me to shower. It's too awkward, and I actually find clothes to be really comfortable, anyway.
  6. Size. Even with just me and my parents' stuff, the room we use for storage is packed full, and our bedrooms aren't much better. As for the area I live in, it's really hilly, which is a plus and a minus. I like it because it looks so much better than flat land, but I hate it because riding my bike anywhere is so difficult. I feel like the gradient of the hill I live on is somewhere in the 30% range. Also, it's really only the downtown portion of the city I live in (I'm about as far away as a person can get without being in the next town over), but Roanoke has pretty bad drug problems. I try to avoid going there if I can.
  7. Dropping a sewing needle on carpet is like playing "Where's Waldo," except Waldo has a knife and you're gonna get shanked if you don't find him.

    1. CypherHoof


      have one of those magnet-on-a-stick thingies and pretend you are dowsing for water :)

    2. Muffinnz



      Why do you like to sew? Is it relaxing?

      I just wouldnt have the patience for it

    3. Booker


      It can be relaxing if it's done right. I don't mind a lot of tedious things, and the end result is always rewarding. Thinking of each seam as one piece instead of hundreds of individual stitches helps with the tedium, too.

      Yeah, it's not for everyone. I don't like it as much as something like videogames, but it's still enjoyable for me.

  8. "Fast like a bullet"

    Rainbow knows what a bullet is. Guns are canon in Equestria.


    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      maybe she meant bullet trains :dash:

  9. I have noticed. It's nice to be able to play more, but don't stress about it.
  10. deviantart-Holivi-801162648.thumb.jpg.59696d2d5f63006fac72afe55cdd1975.jpg

    Beautiful dashie :wub:

    1. Booker


      Very beautiful.

  11. It could be a lot of reasons, and it changes from person to person. The emotional bond that only happens between parents and children, wanting a successor, wanting to spread good parenting by not being like their parents if said parents were cruel, human nature, or even religion. I know in my parents' religion it's considered a sin to not start a family if you're physically able. It wouldn't get a person thrown into Hell if they didn't have kids, but they'd still get in trouble for it. Personally, I never want kids. I used to want two, or maybe three, but as I get older and more reclusive, I've realized I don't want kids (or even a spouse, for unrelated reasons). My dad's side of the family has way too many genetic physical and mental issues that I do not want to pass on. Hopefully my sister is of a similar mind and chooses to let our family's shit genes die off. Both of us inherited more than a few problems.
  12. No, especially not if you only play once a week. That's just a hobby, and no legal hobby makes a person a loser. It's just the social norm to bash people who are different. It's also the social norm to spend $500 on every set of clothes, spend $1,000 on a gaudy phone every year even if their current one works just fine, go into crippling debt, and blame the economy. Not judging people who do that, just pointing out that society doesn't necessarily make the most beneficial decisions sometimes. Now, if you're like me and spend almost as much time playing video games as you do working, then it could make a person a loser.
  13. I think this settles the "are ponies herbivores or omnivores" debate. I know Pinkie says they're vegetarians in one episode, but that's not what this one shows.


    1. ShadOBabe


      They might be ovo-lacto vegetarians. It’s an actual thing.

  14. The Pillar of Autumn on Legendary difficulty in Halo: Reach (solo). I got so tilted at quite a few points that I had to stop playing.