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  1. Guys

    I got my mom into MLP on accident


    I don't know how it came to this, but it did

    1. Prometheus


      Well done mate :laugh:


    2. Partialgeek514


      Victory!!! :yay:

  2. We have Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, and I think there's a Target somewhere in town as well, but I've never been.
  3. It wasn't a terrible episode, but it wasn't great, either. Definitely not worth the risk I took to watch it during my lunch break at work today. I also feel like they went overboard with the meme faces again.
  4. I could be, yeah. Emotional intimacy is a good 90 - 95% of a relationship to me, and tamer physical affection (like hugging) can easily fill the remaining gap. That's really all I need. Same?
  5. I'm in the banner... somewhere. I'd been wearing my fursuit most of the day, so my hair was more than a little messy I'd rather not point myself out because of that. After the picture I had to rush to my hotel (a 20 minute walk), dump my stuff on the floor, and shower as fast as I could to still make it to Neighhem before it started.