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  1. Some of my fingers are disturbingly hyper flexible, and so are my wrists, to an extent. I can do this with my middle and ring fingers, and a little bit with my index fingers As well as this, which always horrifies my mom when I show her I think this is called hitchhiker's thumb And I can do this really weird thing with my wrists where my thumb touches my arm, but it's much easier for my left wrist to do for some reason
  2. Out of those choices french fries are definitely my favorite, but I like all of them.
  3. Probably my mom. She's always there for me if I need her.
  4. I'd say Gerard Way. That man is incredible in every way (no pun intended).
  5. I don't think IQ tests are very accurate. I've gotten anywhere from 115 to 135 on them, but I'm probably more in the 100 to 110 range.
  6. I've been watching this guy for years. He's entertaining, in his own way.
  7. I think Tex has my favorite voice. His videos being hilarious is a bonus.
  8. I got bored with my hair and wanted to go back to how it was in early high school, and I actually liked it enough to take a picture. I think this is the second picture I've taken of myself in my entire life (in both of which hair was covering half my face, so maybe that says something). My hair isn't long enough to pull of the hairstyle anymore and it doesn't like staying straightened, but whatever.
  9. A call for freedom Is that the reason that we are alive? And we waste our lives on the wasted Until there's nothing for us left to justify Oh, I don't get it So here we are We're waiting for a fall And on the radio they're calling on satellites Like they're going to save us all So here we are I guess I'm praying after all We're calling all, calling all satellites This is a wake up call
  10. I guess it depends on the person, then. I'm fairly sensitive so it works better for me than most.
  11. I've really only donated stuff to Goodwill before. Maybe if one day I have a large excess of money I'd give some of it away, but I doubt I'll ever get that much.
  12. Well, I'm up at 1am writing fanfics because I ate some greasy junk and a bunch of dairy for dinner, and I probably won't even be able to lie down for another two hours at least. I'm also incredibly tired since I'm trying to correct my sleep schedule, but it's hard to do when I can't go to bed at reasonable times. Also, I've been feeling increasingly worse physically over the past few days, but I have no idea why. I've been drinking a bunch of water, so it's not dehydration. If it's some horrible disease or medical condition I didn't know I had and it kills me, please delete my internet history. You guys can fight over my MLP merch if you want, but bury me with my Rainbow Dash plushie or I'll come back to haunt all of you.