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  1. On occasion, yes, but I'm not going to eat something like curry for dinner every night since it takes too long. I like keeping my cooking time on the average day to a minimum, so it's usually grilled cheese, spaghetti, or a turkey sandwich for dinner, depending on how I'm feeling. I've realized how poor my eating habits have become so the time I spend in the kitchen is gonna increase pretty soon if I want to eat anything remotely healthy (I hate raw, boiled, and grilled vegetables, so nothing quick there), but it can't be helped. Now, if we're talking about a holiday or an event or something, then I'm going all out and I usually enjoy it. It's just not something I like enough to do every night.
  2. One of my high school friends just seemed to slow everything down, yet he insisted on taking the lead most of the time. In marching band when we went to Disney World and Universal Studios (this particular day was at Universal), we'd all either decide to go somewhere and he'd take the lead but walk around aimlessly without looking at maps, or he'd constantly come up with new decisions he'd thought were better even though the group wanted to do something else, adding sometimes up to fifteen minutes of pointless conversation. On top of that, he walked pretty slowly. I don't think any of it was on purpose, but by the end of the day me and one of my close friends at the time got fed up and left the group to do our own thing. It was late and we were supposed to be on our way to eat, but the other friend was once again leading the group nowhere after we'd already decided where go. Me and my close friend get there, eat dinner, and lo and behold, here comes the rest of our friends into the same restaurant, over ten minutes after we'd already sat down to eat. We were close to being done by that point. I also shot little ice chunks at them through a straw before we left, but that's another story. I did that so much in high school.
  3. The top portion of my right ear is crimped in. As kids, me and my sister liked to play around a bunch and wear blankets as cloaks (there were a few years when we were obsessed with Harry Potter), and one day she accidentally stepped on mine while I was walking and my head hit the corner of a table. My parents took me to the hospital, but luckily it wasn't serious, and I didn't even have to get stitches. Not sure why it didn't fully heal. Maybe I should add something to my OC like that. He's supposed to be modeled after me, after all (barring three exceptions that I can think of, anyway).
  4. Grilled cheese with turkey slices inside of them and a bowl of tomato soup. It's easy to make and really good, but not so simple that you get bored of it after eating it too many times. It's usually my dinner twice a week.
  5. A calico Maine Coon. They're cats larger than many dogs (males average about twenty pounds / nine kilograms), and they're so fluffy. I used to want a fox, but after seeing how they act, I think I'll stick with something a bit more placid No holes in my couches or floors, please.
  6. With or without a grade curve? In high school IB Physics I got a 43% on a test (ouch), but it got curved to a B. I don't remember the exact percentage, but with my school's grading scale a B is anywhere between an 88 and a 93 (we used a six point grading scale instead of the traditional ten point grading scale. It sucked, but it forced people to try harder if they didn't want to fail classes). My lowest grade without a curve was a 79% on my first Pre-Calculus test in college. I know that's still a C+ which is passing, but at my high school that would have been a failing grade (I count a C- and below as failing, and many college classes do, too). I started putting a lot more effort into the class after that. Mostly for pride (I'm a perfectionist, so a C+ isn't acceptable to me), but I also had a big scholarship on the line that I needed to keep a 3.25 GPA for, and C's and B's weren't going to cut it.
  7. First time receiving a package that was this crushed :ButtercupLaugh: Luckily it's only fabric so nothing was damaged.


    1. Rixton


      Ups, happens. I received many ebay items like this.

    2. Muffinnz


      That's alot of fabric

    3. Booker


      Ooh, nice. I got the end of the roll for one of the fabrics I bought, so any extra that was too small to sell by itself got left on, so I got a little bit extra for free.



      @Rixton With how much stuff I buy online I'm surprised I haven't seen it this bad before. Then again, this is one of the few packages I've gotten through UPS instead of USPS, so maybe that's why. USPS really isn't as bad as most people say, and imo their tracking is better than anyone else's.

      @Muffinnz For most people it is, but it's actually a tiny fabric box for me :ButtercupLaugh: Faux fur takes up an insane amount of space. It's only about one cubic foot, and all of the fur for a fursuit takes up a four and a half cubic foot box. I also end up using those boxes so I don't have one I can show you right now, but I can show a two cubic foot box, a five pound Poly-fil box, and a few shoes for scale.




  8. I let her into my room once and now she meows really loudly and claws at my door until I let her in at least two or three times every day, even at four in the morning. I should probably be more annoyed, but she's just too cute to be mad at :wub:


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    2. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos
    3. Booker


      @Dabmanz Nope, she's actually quite playful most of the time. She also really loves belly rubs, for some odd reason.

    4. Deerie


      cats are way too hard resist with their cute purrs and floof

  9. Our football team was always really good (we got state champions 3 years in a row while I was there), our DECA team has always been incredible (they win state champions pretty much every year), academics were the best in the area (partially thanks to the grading scale pressuring people into trying harder. Imagine getting an 80% on a test and only getting a D+), and since we got a new director, our band has been really good, especially our marching band. If only the director made people audition to go to competitions in marching band. If he did that, the band could actually have a shot at a Bands of America competition, and the people who didn't make the cut could still go to football games and events and such.
  10. Another +1 on Apple products. Intel and Nvidia have worse price to performance ratios than AMD in basically every category, unless you're talking about old used hardware. Their "special features" are not worth nearly enough to make up the price gap. Most game DLCs. Insulin. I'm not diabetic, but that stuff is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. Some types of fabric. Faux furs that used to be $20/yard are now $30/yard or more.
  11. Anything from Doom. This one isn't bad, either.
  12. I've been listening to a lot of Pierce the Veil in recent months. I've always liked a few of their songs, but a while ago I started listening to ones I hadn't heard before, and I'm glad I did. Their music is really good, and the more I listen to it, the more I love it.
  13. Sure, I'll send it to you on Discord.
  14. Feels good to be running activated Windows again I need to get around to installing more programs, too.
  15. Finally, I have a semi-decent computer. It certainly feels responsive. CPU: i5-3570 RAM: 8GB 1600MHz (1x4GB + 2x2GB for some odd reason) Boot drive: 120GB Crucial BX500 SSD Extra storage: 500GB Western Digital laptop hard drive that I had lying around GPU: GT 710 (1GB) And activated Windows 10 (that feels nice to have back). This computer actually runs really well for the price I paid for it. I miss hyperthreading and the GT 710 isn't the best, but the PSU has some room to play in terms of wattage, and if I get an RX 580 or something, then whenever I build a new PC I can just re-use the GPU and save some money. I'll probably do that at the end of the year or something, since I've got other things to save up for first.
  16. New computer is here! I've got drivers and everything installed, now I just have a few more programs I need to download. It's so much faster, and it might even be better than my old laptop, excluding the GPU. I can even open up more than four tabs, and the CPU usage doesn't jump over 80% when I move the cursor. I forgot how smooth a computer that isn't shit feels. Oh, and activated Windows is nice, too. Overall, not bad for $60 and some parts I already had.


  17. I'm gonna split high school and college since they were two polar opposites. High school: Very limited club options and time Garbage WiFi Lunches were barely edible, but that was Michelle Obama's fault, not the school's Government class Foreign language classes (not technically a class we had to take, but I wanted to graduate with an advanced diploma which required a foreign language) That's about it. I actually had a really good high school, and I didn't even have serious complaints with more than just a couple students. They were unironically the best years of my life so far, and it'll probably stay that way, at least for a good while longer. College was an entirely different monster, though. College: Food that was legitimately inedible Slightly less garbage WiFi than high school, but still bad The city it was set in was a shit hole The campus was also a shit hole, and the quad tended to flood during rain. It's on the coast, so it usually rained heavily at least one day every week The students were degenerates in every stretch of the word. I can count every good person I met on one hand, compared to high school where I can count every bad person I met on one hand, maybe two if I get nitpicky More on the students, a lot of people liked to smoke weed in the dorms and the staff wouldn't do a damn thing about it. All the vents in my dorm were connected, so I had to deal with that revolting stench pretty often. I'd get fed up and go to the library, and eventually I'd had enough and just taped cardboard over the vents. Of course, that doesn't help when your suitemates do it sometimes too, and the smell comes through the shared bathroom Nobody gave a shit. I was in a few 200 level classes as a freshman, and I'd hear some students complain about the classes being hard while they put in no effort or played games on their laptops or whatever. If you're not even gonna put in enough work to listen in class, then don't bother showing up. You're not going into thousands of dollars of debt just for a four year long room party I could go on. I could talk about the many robberies in the dorms, or about how the washing machines flooded the third floor of one of the dorms once, or how most of the professors somehow seemed to care even less than the students, but I think that's enough.
  18. I think my social life has degraded even more since my last post I talk to one person on a semi-daily basis and another usually about once a month, and those monthly conversations usually consist of three messages each or less. Maybe it'll pick back up when I get my motorcycle and can actually go places.
  19. I can't stand sweet potatoes, and I never have. They're gross Even just the smell makes me feel sick.
  20. I used to love milk chocolate with caramel (especially Ghirardelli), but recently I've found that it's too sweet for me to have more than just a couple pieces at most. I still love it, but I've started to like mild dark chocolate. 50% cacao is pretty good. My mom likes 92% for some weird reason Might as well just eat baking chocolate at that point.
  21. Wendy's! I love the baconator, and their fries are decent, too. Not the best I've had, but still good. Oh, and they usually have vanilla root beer at their drink machines, and I don't think I've seen any other place that does. Chik-Fil-A, Jack in the Box, and KFC are definitely high on the list, too, though McDonalds does have my favorite fries.
  22. That's a difficult choice. Chicken is really good and it's easy to cook properly, but at the same time, pulled pork, ribs, and bacon are all incredible if they're done right. Oh, and home made beef jerky is pretty amazing, and it's surprisingly simple to make, even in a regular oven. Just marinate it overnight, put it in the oven on really low temperature for a few more hours, and it's done. I'm not a fan of seafood (I can stomach shrimp and crab, but not much else), and I've never had game meat. I did have lamb once, but I didn't like it.
  23. I laugh silently, which a few people have found odd.
  24. No, and I don't know why anyone would. I'd really rather keep my head attached to my shoulders. It's debatably the most dangerous and intolerant region of the world, and even just visiting the Middle East is asking for trouble. If we pretend it's not basically just a giant war zone, I still wouldn't want to live there. Too hot. Ninety degree summer days make me want to move north, so there's no way I'd choose to live in a desert.
  25. Finally bought a new computer to replace the junk I'm using. It's got an i5-3570 and 8GB RAM (and a Windows key so I won't be stuck with inactivated Windows anymore), and once I throw in the SSD and GT 710 I already have it's actually gonna be a really good machine. It's supposed to get here on Monday, so that's exciting :kirin: I can't wait to have a usable computer again.