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  1. I used to eat super fast, but I've kind of slowed down in recent years because it was contributing to my stomach issues. I'm probably about average now, unless I'm eating around other people. Then I eat really slow because I'm trying to eat quietly and not make a mess.
  2. No, but I wanted to. I actually kind of enjoy slow dancing. Just never had anyone to go with. I did go to homecoming once, though. It was... meh.
  3. My school didn't actually do valedictorians. The closest thing they had to that was a gold tassel they gave to everyone graduating with a 3.0 GPA or higher (imo that's a little too easy to do. I think about 1/3 of my graduating class had a higher GPA than that).
  4. Trains, maybe? As long as the traffic control system works as it should, the worst that is likely to happen is you derail, which doesn't seem exceptionally lethal (unless you're on a bridge or next to a cliff).
  5. Charisma. I'd love to have a personality marginally more interesting than a brick wall.
  6. I think my limit would be around 48 hours before I just pass out. The longest I've stayed awake was close to 36 hours, and even then I couldn't sit still otherwise I'd fall asleep.
  7. Booker

    General Can you handle alcohol?

    Pretty well. I can carry a bottle of isopropyl around without spilling a drop. Use it all the time as a disinfectant. Joking aside, I have no idea. I've never drank before.
  8. Probably sophomore year of high school. The first half was pretty forgettable, and the second half was when my girlfriend decided to cheat on me. Managed to turn things around that summer, and the following two years were the best of my life so far.
  9. I prefer independence, but when around people, I'm 100% a follower. I'm terrible at making decisions when other people are involved, especially when I know they're counting on me. Stresses me out way too much.
  10. Booker

    Dude Or Bro?

    Of the two I usually use "bro," but I think I say "man" most often.
  11. Booker

    Health Your sleeping habits

    I fall asleep on my back but always wake up on my stomach I can't fall asleep without my fan on (I literally can't. I've tried) I have to sleep with a fleece blanket or something else soft because I hate the noise smooth fabric makes when it moves (I refuse to use quilts or comforters, even in the dead of winter) I can't sleep with a pillow. I just ball up three small blankets I've had since I was a baby and use those instead (and will probably have for the rest of my life) It's nearly impossible for me to fall asleep in a room if it's not pitch-black I shift posi
  12. A terrifying nightmare about a chainsaw murderer who sends their victim a message a few days before he kills them. I got said message, "woke up" from the dream, the chainsaw murderer broke into my room and ran at me with a chainsaw, and then I actually woke up. I think that's the first time I had a dream inside of a dream. Dreamception. But yeah, that's been on my mind all day and I've been really jumpy ever since I woke up. Guess that's one way to guarantee you have the same nightmare two nights in a row. I think it might be the first nightmare I've had in... gosh, who knows how many yea

    Oh no, they shot Fluttershy


    1. Kujamih


       That person better prepare....

  14. Soft gemstones.


    1. Kyoshi


      Unless Rarity has powers beyond our imagination. :wacko: 

  15. Got a new slot for a motorcycle safety course, exactly one year after I was originally supposed to take it. Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled again.

  16. One-shotting LRM boats in MechWarrior Online. See how they like 80 rockets to the ass. Feels great for me, and restores fun to the game for my entire team since they don't have to spend the whole match hiding behind cover or getting torn to shreds by an enemy they can't see.
  17. Whew, gas prices have gone up. It's just about $1 more per gallon than it was a couple months ago. I don't particularly care since my scooter gets over 100 mpg, but still.

    1. Muffinnz


      Didn't know motorcycles had such a high mpg

    2. Booker


      Motorcycles are more efficient than cars, but not that much. They usually get between 50 and 70 mpg. Scooters are only that fuel efficient because they have very tiny engines.

  18. Bought Titanfall 2 since it's on sale for $10. The gameplay is fun, but the story hasn't been as good as I expected given the game's reputation. But, to be fair, I've only played the first two missions so far.

    1. Kyoshi


      Need to continue this one myself. Shame that the multiplayer was basically dead on arrival. It is quite fun. 

  19. 18, I think. A little over 2 years ago.
  20. "Get on Kilo like the last chopper out of 'Nam! Oh my God, I'm saying fucked up shit."
  21. So uh, one of my dad's coworkers had to leave for about a week and apparently he volunteered us to look after their dog. So now I have to live with one of those for a while.

    Great. At least it's a small dog.

    1. Muffinnz


      Is your cat ok with it

    2. Booker


      I guess we'll find out. She's been locked in my parents' room since the dog got here and I think we're gonna try to keep them as separate as possible. Usually I don't like letting Violet in my room because she gets into everything, but I'll probably let her in until the dog leaves.

  22. Booker

    Movies/TV The Shows i most hate and why

    Steven Universe: The art style, the writing, the show in general, the fanbase, everything. I hate it. Rick and Morty: Exact same reasons I hate Steven Universe. South Park: Same as above, plus I don't like the voice acting. Big Mouth: Disgusting, pedophilic show.
  23. I've never used reddit so it's been mostly neutral, but current stock-related events improved my view of it quite a bit.
  24. So I, uh, put a car LED bulb in my little 50cc scooter. It's a bit bright.

  25. As long as it's decent CGI, I'm still trying to remain optimistic. But if it ends up being that cheap 3D garbage that's plagued TV animation for the past few years, then G5 is gonna be terrible, no matter how good the writing may be.
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