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  1. Zephyr / Karou

    Anypony into board/card games?

    I downloaded that a few days ago. It's not as fun as playing with friends, though.
  2. Zephyr / Karou

    Would you really die to save someone you love?

    There's not currently anyone in my life who's that important to me, but I have felt like that in the past. If I had a s/o, they would probably be the only person I'd be willing to die for.
  3. Zephyr / Karou

    10 facts about your room

    I guess my college dorm is sort of my room, I just don't have some stuff up that I normally would if I was living by myself or with a friend. 1. Skyrim poster on my wall. 2. High school marching band memorabilia. 3. Signed MtG playmat as a mousepad for my laptop. 4. Three saxophones, one of which is nearly 100 years old. 5. Tools for repairing instruments covering a shelf above my desk. 6. Fursuit in a box above my closet. 7. Two fox plushies that sit on top of my ancient minifridge that stays turned off. 8. About 20 cardboard boxes, only half of which are folded up. 9. An assortment of MtG cards, most of which are commons that I'll never use. 10. All of my roommate's stuff. Mostly sports stuff. We don't talk to each other. It's awkward.
  4. Zephyr / Karou

    Anypony into board/card games?

    I used to play MTG a bunch, but all my friends stopped playing and I don't have money for FNM (or a way to get there), so I have no one to play with anymore.
  5. Zephyr / Karou

    Post your Desktop

    Brave. It's in-between Edge and Firefox.
  6. Zephyr / Karou

    Dakimakuras what do you think of them?

    Someone bought by friend a nude one as a joke for his birthday, and it was hilarious. It's still in his room. I'd buy one if I didn't live in a dorm with a person I barely know. I'd like to avoid awkward confrontations as much as possible. If I did buy one though, I'd probably get one of Dashie and / or one of Tohru from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Rem and Ram are good choices too, though.
  7. Zephyr / Karou

    Have you ever had that feeling?

    Generally if I think of something mean, it's because the person 100% deserves it, so I don't normally feel bad. I won't actually say anything to them though.
  8. Zephyr / Karou

    What's your PRIZED possession?

    My baritone saxophone. It's a Conn 12M from 1967 that I've spent damn near 150 hours repairing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I got it for school reasons back in high school during my junior year for $750 (about as cheap as you can get a bari for) and I've been playing it since.
  9. Zephyr / Karou

    When you're lonely...

    Recently I've been coming to the forums whenever I feel lonely, but irl I just kind of deal with it. I worry a bunch about bothering the people around me, so I just stay by myself and be lonely constantly. It was nice in high school when I actually had friends I could talk with, but I don't know anybody at my college.
  10. Zephyr / Karou

    Self Harming...

    I used to back in high school. It had a few different meanings for me. The physical pain distracted me from my emotional pain, and I honestly kind of enjoyed it a bit. I guess I'm a bit masochistic. I only stopped because it really worried my mom, and by the time she found out I was already mostly past my depression. In hindsight, my reason for being depressed really wasn't that serious, especially compared to other people's situations. It's kind of embarrassing to think about.
  11. Zephyr / Karou

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    Wrong direction. 26?
  12. Zephyr / Karou

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "That sounds wonderful. I wouldn't mind a quick tour, either." Zephyr folded the map back up and put it in his bag. "I actually think that's all the help we need for now. Anything else, Nuri?" Zephyr asked, turning to Sun Fire. She shook her head. "Yeah, I think we're good now. Thanks for your help." He said, turning back to Bubble Burst. "It was a pleasure to meet you. We'll definitely be at the spa today or tomorrow. Thanks again." Zephyr said, waving as he turned to walk down the street. "See you." Sun Fire said. She caught up to Zephyr to walk beside him. "I like it here. Everypony is so nice." She said to Zephyr. She looked around the town as they walked down the street, a small smile across her face. "That's wonderful to hear. Hopefully you'll be back to your old self soon." Zephyr said, smiling at her. "Well, I think this is it." They stopped in front of a house at the corner of an intersection, and Zephyr pulled the picture of it back out of his bag. It was everything like the picture, only better. Zephyr turned to Sun Fire. "Ready to start a new life?" Sun Fire nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely." The two of them walked up the three steps onto the porch, and the door to their new start swung open. ~~ "Everything's set up here, Karou! How are you doing?" Sun Fire called to her brother, walking down the stairs from the second floor. She had just finished arranging the furniture and decorations for their living space upstairs. Everything they shipped over arrived undamaged, so after they sorted through everything and Zephyr used his magic to put the furniture upstairs, they were able to arrange everything without a problem. While Sun Fire had been dealing with their living space, Zephyr had been setting up his shop and Sun Fire's recording studio. "Almost finished." Zephyr said, knocking one last nail into the wall with his magic. He had already set up the sign out front, the shelves, and the counter for the shop, and he just finished nailing the sheets of cork to the wall in Sun Fire's recording studio for sound dampening. "I just need to set everything up on the shelves and unpack the rest of my tools." "I'll sort your tools. Go ahead and start putting your stuff on the shelves." Sun Fire said, opening one of the boxes behind the counter. "I've always wondered how you repaired instruments. Being away with Songbird Serenade all the time, I never got to visit you in your shop." She said. One of the mandrels she pulled out of the box was smooth enough to have a reflection, and she stared at herself in it. "As close as we are, I never once found extra time that we could spend together. I was so absorbed in my career. I'm a terrible sister." She put the mandrel down harshly on a shelf underneath the counter and continued to pull out tools, her eyes beginning to water. Zephyr opened a box, full of various brass instruments and a bunch of mouthpieces apparently, and began setting them up on shelves near the front of the shop with his magic. "It isn't your fault. Being a celebrity takes a lot of time and effort, so of course you wouldn't have had much to spare." He finished setting up the front of the shop, and opened the next box. Saxophones, reeds, more mouthpieces, and a tuba. "The music industry is extremely busy, and it's amazing you were able to come home at all. If you ask me, that makes you an amazing sister." He put the saxophones on the shelves next to Sun Fire's recording studio and set the tuba on it's stand underneath the other brass instruments. He opened the last box, which contained different cleaning and oiling supplies. He put those up on the shelves at the back of the store and walked over to Sun Fire. "There's nothing wrong with pursuing what you love. You just need to find a way to enjoy it that doesn't interfere with your other passions." He pulled her in for a hug. "I couldn't have asked for a better sister." Sun Fire hugged him back, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. "Thanks. I couldn't have possibly hoped for a better brother." After a few moments, Zephyr broke the hug and stepped back, smiling. "Well, want to try out that song you were writing while you were working for Songbird? I'd really like to hear it." Sun Fire sniffed and pulled some sheets of paper out of her bag. "If you really want to. It's a bit macabre since I wrote it back when everything was happening." "Let's just see how it sounds. Even if you don't like the current lyrics, you can always change them later." Zephyr said, bringing his modified saxophone out from under the counter. Sun Fire set up the music so both of them could see it easily, and after a quick count off, they started. As Zephyr and Sun Fire played her song in the shop, performing together as one, the music carried out the door and into the town. Sun Fire's pure voice flowed past the other ponies, while Zephyr's notes bounced off the buildings, his magic expertly depressing the keys of his saxophone. The music carried far down the street, and as it infused itself into the evening air, Sun Fire let out all the emotions she had been carrying with herself for the past ten years. All the feelings that were bottled up inside of her, everything that she had ever wanted to say, were finally free. As the song ended and the last echoes died off, Sun Fire felt happy for the first time in years, and a genuine smile spread across her face.
  13. Zephyr / Karou

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    Not even close. 23?
  14. Zephyr / Karou

    Keep a word , drop a word

    Peter Parker