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  1. PrincessofFriendship

    What Even ARE Storm Creatures?

    They can't really be gorillas. I mean, they do look kinda like satyr/gorilla hybrids wearing permanent masks. Although it's most likely that they're just their own made up species. Think about it!
  2. PrincessofFriendship

    Spoiler Will the Griffons finally get a leader?

    I honestly don't think Gilda or Gabby should become leader.
  3. PrincessofFriendship

    What Even ARE Storm Creatures?

    Yeah like Queen Chrysalis is a Changeling even though she doesn't look like the others, and the Storm King is the leader of the storm creatures, so of course he's going to look different. I mean, think about it, King Thorax and Pharynx don't look like the other Changelings either.