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  1. Anyway, people keep suggesting that Celestia and Luna will slowly introduce her to the job. Well, knowing MLP, I think they're just going to dump it on her shoulders and refuse to give her any advice until Twilight messes up something really bad and then they will give her some cryptic prophecy-like advice and vanish into thin air.
  2. What I think is that Celestia and Luna are still going to raise the sun and moon, because Twilight doesn''t have those powers. Luna will also continue to dreamvisit, so Twilight won't have to worry about that either. As for the School of Friendship, I think the Young 6 will run the school now, cause probably Starlight Glimmer will move to Canterlot also. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention my Princess Starlight Glimmer theory?
  3. I'm pretty sure her friends are immortal though. They represent the Elements of Harmony, so they kind of have to be.
  4. The thing is, Twilight still tends to get nervous over little things. Even though she is a princess, she doesn't really have any experience with this kind of stuff.
  5. I'm still a little surprised, though. Celestia has more experience, and she's perfectly capable of ruling herself. I can't imagine Twilight being able to run off and save Equestria while she has a whole nation to rule.
  6. If that's the case, the Mane 6 kind of failed, because he's probably so attached to his friends, they're probably all going to become teachers at the school when they grow up. It's likely that Gallus just got randomly picked because no other griff wanted to learn about friendship. On second thought, I'm not that against Gilda becoming queen. Or King Grover coming back from the dead, like Star Swirl did.
  7. When I was younger and didn't know that much about My Little Pony, I used to imagine that Twilight Sparkle would become the ruler of Equestria. Then when I got older (too old to be watching My Little Pony), I realized there was absolutely no chance of that happening. AND NOW IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! !
  8. They can't really be gorillas. I mean, they do look kinda like satyr/gorilla hybrids wearing permanent masks. Although it's most likely that they're just their own made up species. Think about it!
  9. I honestly don't think Gilda or Gabby should become leader.
  10. Yeah like Queen Chrysalis is a Changeling even though she doesn't look like the others, and the Storm King is the leader of the storm creatures, so of course he's going to look different. I mean, think about it, King Thorax and Pharynx don't look like the other Changelings either.