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  1. Hello! Thanks for the welcoming
  2. yea I'm more of a keep to myself pony I guess lol. Thanks for the waffle and the hug!
  3. thanks for the welcoming! And for the advice. I'll defiantly try and meet new ponies, but i'm just a little shy
  4. Thank you! I'm excited to be here.
  5. Yes it is . Thank you! I'm excited to be here.
  6. Thanks for the welcoming! I'm sure I will. I have herd great things about this forum and the ponies here
  7. Chocolate, In fact I think I need to go get a fudge bar
  8. Thanks! Thank you. I'm sure I will.
  9. Hello and thanks for the welcoming
  10. I have watched the mlp tv show but I really enjoy the fan made music videos the most. I am a Christian youtube. Youtube isn't my job I really just do it for fun. I plan on recording and posting pony town content. My youtube name is Sure Shot if you want to check it out. I hope to me new friends on here.