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  1. just right click then press the paste button i would say the worst thing is that just before i was meant to be handing a book back to my school library , the dog ripped off the front cover , quite embarrassing , also the dog peed on my brothers bed when he got scared about heavy rain.
  2. i havent had any really major damage to my home , apart from the boiler packing in and causing damage to the walls last year which has been fixed , apart from that nothing major.
  3. the first one that comes to mind was when we were in Manchester and we missed our train by about two minutes and had to wait for the next train 2 hours later , we were fuming at the time but now can laugh about it.
  4. As we have had ridiculous injuries I would say when I fell off the slide , the pain in my back was unbearable and I struggled to walk home.
  5. If rent and bills were suddenly free , what would you do with that money that usually is spent on bills and rent I would say clothes and extra food