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  1. "Just Don't Give a Fuck" by Eminem.
  2. you might as well be shoving bleach down my throat
  3. I looked for pictures of Eminem. Interesting, I know.
  4. "Gary" is a pretty peng boys' name. No girls' names really stand out to me, but, if I have a daughter, I'ma probably name her "Bonnie."
  5. I'm going to get straight to the point: I hate emojis with a burning passion. No, I'm not talking about standard emojis, such as the "crying laughing" emoji (😂) and the "red heart" emoji (❤️), although I think that most of us can agree that they can be pretty cancerous (OMG WHO DID THIS 😂 👌 😲😲😲). I'm talking about the emojis that are exclusive to the MLP forums, which I'm assuming that everybody reading this is familiar with. I'm probably the only person here that has a problem with these as most people here seem to be fine with them, using them on an at least semi-regular basis; but, for some reason, they make me want to throw up on my computer, some a lot more than others (some make me just want to straight up drink bleach, lol). Anybody else relate to this? Or am I alone?
  6. This doesn't apply to just games. This applies to pretty much any popular thing.
  7. Everybody's talking about losing weight, but I'm over here trying to gain weight. Unfortunately, however, I'm too young to go to the gym; so it's difficult to gain any weight without making myself fat.
  8. Whenever someone at my school tries to insult me, I just laugh with them and run with it. The last thing I want to do is get all triggered and seem salty as that'd just make them do it more, and I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to not be bullied like I was at primary school. The other day, I was in the queue for lunch; and somebody stared at me angrily and asked me, "Are you a faggot?" I simply responded with, "Yeah, I love dick. Who doesn't love a 12-inch cock in their mouth?," in the most joking way possible. He laughed, and we moved on. Responding with, "No, obviously not," or something along those lines, would have indicated that their attempt at provocation was successful; and therefore they would have continued to try to provoke me. Honestly, I think that this is the best way to respond to provocative and verbally abusive people. It's easy-to-do (at least, it is for me), and they will focus their provocations on an easier target.
  9. Right now. Sure, we've got radical feminists and SJWs; but compared to previous time periods, it's pretty chill.
  10. "No More Sorrow" by Linkin Park.
  11. I know, but it's technically not correct to use the word "paedophilia," which you did, when referring to paedophilic acts. I think that your sentence would've worked if you'd just have said, "It's still wrong to allow such an age gap to get together." I don't see how the second clause was necessary. I know that I'm being a little picky over something so trivial, but just saying.
  12. I live in Kent, which is a county in England.