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  1. I don't, but my husband does. Personally I believe smoking in any form (including vaping) is a reckless disregard for your health.
  2. Not particularly. The only thing it really relieves is boredom and even then only to a degree.
  3. Being out of control implies sentient willpower to gain or maintain it in the first place. Everything that can be labeled a natural disaster can be measured and calculated down to the question of why it started. Like many people have pointed out, much of the reason for the extreme weather and natural disasters in recent years can to some degree be linked to climate change. Which, of course, we are the leading causes of. It's not to say every natural disaster is our own faults, but much of it largely is caused by climate change which has been radically accelerated by the growth of human industry. Mother Nature is blameless because Mother Nature doesn't exist. We invented the concept of Mother Nature. That also doesn't mean that every time there is a tornado or a tidal wave or sinkhole, one should be outraged at the companies and farmers that contribute to greenhouse gasses and larger carbon footprints the most. As individual consumers, we are also to blame, and in total we outnumber those companies and farms. If you've ever thrown away any sort of packaging to anything- even if it was recycled- if you've ever eaten meat, or if you've ever driven an automobile, then you can in some way blame yourself if pointing fingers is how you choose to address the problem. Unfortunately an all-encompassing answer hasn't been discovered yet, and the longer it remains undiscovered, the worse and more frequent these natural disasters will get. I would suggest you and the people you love learn how to prepare for any disaster that is likely to occur near you, because as things are now, prevention is often not possible.
  4. When English-speakers misspell it? Not really, I understand it's hard for them to spell it. When other Latvians misspell it? Yes. They should know better, it's a common name.
  5. I suppose it does, though I don't think I'm quite as pretty as Rosie.
  6. Other users feeling less connected to me? I would probably say I can sometimes present myself as inapproachable, and I don't know if I'd argue that anymore. The desire to even be approached just isn't there anymore so I'm sure there's some 'body language' to it as well. Me feeling less connected to other users?Age, past conflicts, actions and inaction from administrators and my increasing impatience for other people's nonsense.
  7. I hadn't thought about how close those two words are, but that would have been pretty funny if you would have outright misread it as prudish. :p
  8. Prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude are the four virtues that true women of my faith will strive for. I am not perfect and falter from time to time but I will always strive to be better using these traits to guide me. True, it's the four saintly virtues, but I find them to be the truest and easiest of all. OP has a tremendously respectable list of traits to strive to as well and any person I meet who shares them will always find a friend in me.
  9. I don't have one anymore due to a confrontation that came up when I was on staff that forced me to lose any respect I had for a certain set of people. I anonymized my account then came back some months later on a very boring evening when Reddit was down to see what would happen if I tried logging in with my old credentials and it just... worked. My information was all set back to 0 and default. Which is fine with me, really. It used to be that I wanted to help shepherd the community that I had spent so much time enjoying, but now that is no longer a priority or interest. Frankly, the part of the community I like begins and ends with me watching the show now. I log in to this forum from time to time when I have time to burn and nothing else to fill it with just to see if there's anything interesting to talk about here.
  10. It was a gift from someone who used to be a friend. The way he drew my pony character was my favourite of anyone who's drawn her so I tend to use his artwork a lot when representing or showing her off.
  11. I hope you are doing well, My Friend. :)