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  1. I have a bit of a temper but it's usually translated in sarcasm and honestly not very easy to summon up from me. My problem is that I don't back down from anything so my temper usually turns a bad situation into a worse one very quickly. I'm better about it now cause my husband's temper is muuuuch worse than mine, so the perspective is much clearer than it used to be when we weren't together.
  2. God no, I stay far away from all forms of smoking. What is your biggest vice?
  3. I have a lot of issues maintaining relationships. Even my marriage has been through some bumps (well, mountains) because of it. But I am also extremely stubborn and prone to holding grudges. For some time my husband and I were seeing a marriage counselor and that lead to me talking to a psychiatrist that was able to shed some light on why I am the way I am. I'm used to proving myself to everyone and doing things the hard way because it builds character and makes an accomplishment feel genuine, and I'm addicted to that. Because of that I also have some unspoken expectations for the people I get to know. But I guess that makes me quite a shrew as well, and nobody can maintain the unknown expectations I hold for them. And once they fail those expectations, they're gone for good and I don't miss them. That's not a very good way to live though so I should try and change. It's just a very hard thing to do.
  4. It is going well enough, thank you. How often do you ask friends and family to go out and do things together?
  5. I'm not very comfortable talking about the last argument but before that it was over his messiness. Cause he doesn't really keep after himself very often and it gets tiring after a while. Do you and your partner talk via digital means more often than in person? (Like if you live together but have conflicting work schedules.)
  6. In terms of being interesting, that's probably Manchester. But I think that's only the case cause England and the UK in general are always so interesting to me. What is your favorite flower?
  7. Not that long ago, actually. I had a cold which is odd for me in the summer... What song have you had stuck in your head recently?