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  1. Banished? Honestly, what goes on here?? You're an awesome new member here and I was just about to add you to my follow list. With all the trash I see permitted on some of the threads on this forum, I find it hard to see anything to justify banishing someone like you. I'm truly sorry to see it, Iris, and I'm sure someone screwed up royally.

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Very sad indeed. 

    2. kinda deleted

      kinda deleted

      Theory time!

      A guy called @Sondash Studios got banned for a short time. And then he came back later. He told me he connected to his friend's internet, which his friend got banned here and did really bad stuff. So possibly, by chance Iris must have connected to the internet that belonged to a banished user from the past.

      Or she lied about her age

    3. Nye


      She was nice.

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