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  1. Honestly, I was there during the pilot episode's premiere. I was with my sister, she started watching, and know, she was like. 5 or some squack, it was right after i got out of school. So I sat down next to her, because in the house, before we moved here to the US from Puerto Rico, we only had the giant TV in the living room for her and I, so whatever she watched, I watched. So I started watching it. For some odd reason, I was terribly excited to watch it too. Like. I just was drawn to it after I saw it. The show was basically there for a bug part of my life, I've watched every episode since then. After we moved here, I was deep into the fandom, but after a bit, I got heavy into gaming, MLP was still there. Fanart, mlp stuff, my love for Fluttershy (which still exists btw) and all that. Years later, my involvement died. I stopped looking for MLP stuff. The fandom enjoyment died. I noticed people hated bronies, so I hated myself, and the community. (Even though I never talked to another brony.) During my mid-teenage years, met this girl, she was extremely passionate about MLP, all she could talk about. She brought back that side of me. I got more involved. I found the fan game Legends of Equestria. Did some roleplays there, which built my most successful character (whom i spent a vast amount of time just thinking for a backstory, which is lengthy, I'm making a fiction for it.) from scratch. Honestly, I wish I could draw him. But I can't draw for ***. It's sad to see how this show is coming to an end. But it's probably for the best. We don't want the show to become Spongebob. Which us a good show, but it's declining. The MLP movie was great, and I kinda wish that was the animation the used in the beginning, but that's my opinion. I like the current style, as well. The community will always be there. Thank you. For being there, for keeping the passion alive, for not letting this die. MLP will always be there. In our hearts, and our lifes. Keep Strong. Don't let Hasbro kill us off. Let's build a barrier, a barrier they won't break down.