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  1. Something like the WayBack Machine or Wikipedia? I just think that the Brony fandom is so rich in history that it would be shame to lose any of it. I know that this site will be here for ages, and I know that Equestria Daily has every article they've posted since when they've started. However, I was just thinking that with other media--like Youtube, often when it is deleted, there is no backup so it ends up being lost to time. . It would be neat if there was a place where you could see the old videos, the old forum posts, articles, artwork and music from across the years all in one place.
  2. I know we had "Tanks for the Memories" but that was allegorical. I mean, even Frozen addressed death head on, I think that MLP could have, at the very least, made and episode talking about the death of Bright Mac. and Pear Butter. They kind of danced around the fact that they died in the Perfect Pear. I mean, if the show can say that the entire world of Equestria was decimated in one of the alternate timelines that Starlight created, or that Princess Luna was psychologically torturing herself with the Tantibus, it seems strange that they couldn't say outright on the show that the two Apple parents had passed away and have one of the characters explain how it happened. What are your thoughts?
  3. I started watching him back in 2015, IIRC. He was and still is my favorite Youtube brony reactor. Since I've been watching him for such a long time I know that he's been going through a bunch of life stuff. He's had his channel C&D , he's been criticized by other Youtubers, had issues in his personal life, and even has had issues branching out into other non-MLP content. Anyway, I know he stopped being a brony a while back and transitioned to other material. However, his last video was like two years ago now and no body knows what happened to him. To be totally honest, I really would like to reach out to him. He really was a big part of my life growing up and was the person, I'd say, got me into the MLP fandom. It would mean the world to me if I was able to send a message to him thanking him for all he's done for me. If anyone has any idea where I might be able to contact him that would be great! LINK TO HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMF-w4_xTeuqK3Vd5jKS1Tg
  4. You might disagree with this, but I think that season 3 actually carried on this same idea. While I do not think that it evolved from the proceeding season in the same way that S2 did from S1, I do think that the third season kept the same "organic" interactions between the characters and the same meta humor of the other seasons. It has the sense of innocence and whimsical but there was a definite maturity about the world that kept allowed for deeper topics. I mean, as an audience I think to know that the show could go into serious and more emotionally deep issues was peculiar feeling. It is very much like real life. RL in not all dark and moody or serious, but it is also not all fun and whimsical. I think the fantasy elements added to MLP allowed for people to enjoy it as an escape from the pains of life, but the "groundedness" of the early seasons made it so the content watched didn't feel so out there that we didn't care about the characters or the situation. I think that since because S3 didn't build hugely on what came before but rehashed a bunch the old concepts from the previous seasons (other than alicorn Twilight), the season was looked upon poorly. However as you mentioned, a few writers still retained the vision that Faust had, and I think that season 4, while having a different flavor than the previous seasons, did feel like a evolution for the show. The show might not have explored the characters in detail as S1 and 2 did, it did put them in new situations and allowed for other side characters to be introduced and developed.This seems to be the the spirit of the show; character driven, the interactions between the characters, and the creative drama and scenario. It seems like we agree that one aspect of the show-- the focus on the main characters--- has probably diminished over time The first two seasons really delved into the motivations, the personal history, and psychology of the characters. The third was derived much of it's spirit from the spirit of the first two seasons and the fourth, to me at least, felt like expanding on the first two and added some different features (e.g. the lack of the elements, the journal instead of the letters, guest stars, more drama and emotion and the introduction of a season long arch).
  5. What do you mean by "Season 8 does have a strong sense of post MLP universe."???
  6. I joined the fandom in 2014 ish so I was active after the "peak" in 2012, however the way I remember seeing things and from everything that I have read about the fandom's early days, I feel that you could say that MLP definitely was a significant part of this decade. When I think back to that time a recall there being a lot of similar themed media and tv shows started after MLP was created. I do not know if MLP had anything to do with that but there certainly was several huge productions that subverted the status quo. Steven Universe was one such show. It certainly showed that high art quality, deep storytelling could be done in a "children" show. Although SU went far beyond the "children" show title and is definitely up there, no doubt, as one of the best show sever created. Gravity Falls also had a huge following and was similar to MLP in that it made immense use of a very simple animation style. Another cultural icon of the 2010s was Frozen, which presented well developed female characters who could be strong yet sensitive. I can't help but see Elsa and Anna as mirroring Celestia and Luna. Many people in the fandom made a similar connection. MLP was certainly a show that presented female characters that were neither defined by clothes and accessories, or defined by violence or over-sexuality. MLP wasn't the only show up to that point that had good female characters, but I see a trend where after MLP several shows, several movies, and several franchises built on what MLP established and created characters who were complex and were not defined solely by their sex or by a single emotion. For example, Pearl from Steven Universe is a highly sensitive character yet she is a topline fighter and a good leader. Twilight is similar to this in that she is highly intelligent and an extremely productive leader yet she also had a weakness with anxiety and can be overly sensitive to criticism. It's not revolutionary, of course, but it is still pretty neat that Hasbro/the Hub/Discovery Family, didn't paint the ponies as being monolithic. They could easily have made Twilight extremely competent and tough which would have made sense given that there is such a push now to promote "strong" female characters. However, they choose to show her defined in many ways by her incompetence and weaknesses when it comes to stressfull situation. And on the flipside they could have presented her as culturally feminine yet they choose to make her overflow in traits that were for many years traditionally masculine; that is her aptitude in science, mathematics, and history. Even Rarity who, arguably is the most traditionally "girly" of the main six was shown to be willing to fight to the bone to protect the individuals that she loves--yet she is an overly dramatic and emotionally charged character. Another good example is Pinkie who is joyful and fun yet she harbors a fear of abandonment which is seen in Party of One. Of all the main six, Pinkie could have easily been a monolithic character yet she exhibits fears and has a grumpy/depressed/dark side to her bubbly personality. Finally, MLP and bronies countered many of the stereotypes that people had a men. When it first came out there a backlash people people found it ridiculous that grown men could watch My Little Pony unironically. Since 2010, many developments have been made culturally which have stretched out conception of gender. I will not get into them here since I don't want to misrepresent and offend others, however, I think that we have grown(at least in the United States) as a society and MLP certainly was a one of the wicks which burned during the fire of change. I am probably saying much that people already know, and maybe getting too deep; but these are my thoughts on this. I cam curious if you think MLP has been significant during this decade and if you do in what ways do you think it has? Thank you for allowing me to share. Happy New Year
  7. In your opinion, what would you say made FIM so "strong"/ made it so good in its early days? I actually agree with you but I am curious what specific things made it successful as an animated TV shows when it first started?
  8. It's been an awesome adventure!!! Till the next time though.... XD