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  1. Sometimes yes. But she's also pretty funny too.
  2. Interesting. You put worst characters at the top and best on the bottom. Neat.
  3. I don't know about Mary Sue, but she became very bland and pretentious after getting her wings.
  4. Great episode. Dealt with a difficult subject very skillfully.
  5. If she did the she wouldn't have gone to all that effort to save her now would she? Also I guess Dash is your favorite now because of what the title of thread says.
  6. Still a better character than racist stereotype Applejack.
  7. Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well.

    1. changelingsanddragons


      I am doing fine in fact I forgot I even made this account. Kinda wish I can delete it. Because this isn’t who I am anymore I still like mlp though. I am mostly on tumblr or discord these days. 

  8. RD's birthday is officially February 1. The day Pinkie Pride first aired and her official pony appreciation day on EQD. Sweet and Elite and Party of One had Twilight's and Pinkie' s birthdays respectively, but I don't know their original air dates (it was before I was even in the fandom). The other 3 I have no idea.
  9. I still think she would've made a better protagonist than Twilight, if only for the fact that her rebellious personality would've made her relationship with Celestia more engaging than Twilight's sycophantic brown-nosing.
  10. I think it still holds up. A perfectly likeable episode that i'm somewhat nostalgic for now.
  11. Never mind. Saw the other post saying it was made up. I'm an idiot.