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  1. It's kinda surprising the number that get only 4-6 hours of sleep a night. It's recommended by doctors to get at least 9. Saying this, I fall into the 4-6 category. Usually I'll lay in bed for 2-3 hours before I actually fall asleep, then having to wake up at 6.00 every morning I can't really fit everything I need to to in the day along with sleep. Everyone's going to have a different reason for not getting enough sleep, but it means there's an issue with how much time we have in our day, and if we can balance that with sleep.
  2. I think it'd be important to try find the people you trust as soon as possible, and then isolate yourselves from everyone else. If I survived, surviving alone would be lonely and it's hard to live without social interaction anyway. Realistically, the zombies will eventually die out from rotting or starving, due to how as they grow, the less they have to feed on. After they die, society is gone and it's up to who's left to survive. You don't know if people are going to be willing to cooperate in a survival scenario or not so having your own community of friends means you can trust each other to cooperate. This was fun to think about, Thanks!
  3. Bananas almost always have 5 sides, except for a 4/16 chance that it will have 3 or 4 sides.
  4. I'm doing a physics problem relating to electromagnetism, however I feel as though I don't have enough data to fully answer it. I'd love for someone to message me or quote me to help. Thanks so much. The question goes: A particle with a charge of +1.6*10^-19 and mass 3.9*10^-25 is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 1.5*10^5V. It then enters a magnetic field of 0.15 T that is perpendicular to its motion. Find the radius of the path in the magnetic field. Essentially, the bones of the question: q=1.6*10^-19 m=3.9*10^-35 u=0 V=1.5*10^5 B=0.15 (theta)=90 r=?
  5. Cximia


    Thanks so much gang! Looking forward to getting involved here.
  6. Jon Snow. What does the bible verse, John 3:16 state?
  7. There was this one game called sky dragons or something. I remember never being able to beat it, but I can't actually find it online so I've not been able to go back and play it ;(
  8. This is more of a "You had to be there" story, but one of my best memories of gaming is in Planetside 2. My friend an I were playing our first session together and he bought a quad bike, which I got on to drive. We were playing on a jungly/mountainous map and I ended up driving it straight of of a cliff screaming "YEEHAW" and killing us both. Good Times.
  9. 5 years ago was a really different me. I'm so much more confident and involved then I was before then. I hated sport, school, and music - You wouldn't recognise the old me.
  10. I don't want kids, I don't really think life is the greatest thing, and so it doesn't seem fair to me to force someone to have to suffer for the reason of me wanting a child. It seems selfish. Of course you can raise them into a happy life too, but I'd rather focus on my life instead of kids.
  11. nooooo shaq is gone you gotta let go sometimes
  12. Granted! But you don't have a dollar. I wish I'd stop procrastinating.
  13. Reading's great. I'm a big fan of Poetry and Horror. My favourite Horror writer has got to be H.P Lovecraft, I love the language he uses and he does an amazing job creating suspense. He also heavily inspired Bloodborne, which is one of my favourite games! I can relate to Brioric, it can be hard to find something interesting to read, and even then, the action of sitting down and actually beginning to read can be tricky. However I find that when I actually get down to it, I really enjoy it and hours pass without me noticing.
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    Thanks so much Bas! Really appreciate your answers. I'm still figuring out how to edit, I can't seem to find the edit button.