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  1. I went out for hot pot recently and the restaurant had these metal chairs that were slightly curved on the edges of the seat. I don't know if this place wants their target consumer to be toddlers but this chair was tiny! I couldn't fit even half my butt in the darn thing! My friend was sitting on the cushioned bench side of the table so I had to suffer through a hour of discomfort. Somehow it managed to be the worst place I've ever sat, and I've sat on jagged gravel. Something about tiny metal chairs and shooting sparks just made it a bad time for me.
  2. I have a pretty strong stomach for the gross and terrible things in life, but I can't stand needles!! Nope nope nope! I tear up at shots and faint during blood draws. I have to have someone drive me to the clinic because I'm K.O.ed for the rest of the day. I frequently have to fast for blood tests so not only do I faint but I also am loopy/cranky after I wake back up. I have to look away or cover my eyes when I see needles on TV. In case anyone in this thread feels silly for being afraid of needles, I'll share this story about myself. I am deathly allergic to peanuts. Even the slightest amount of cross contamination could result in anaphylaxis (a fancy word for death). A few years ago, I ate something that wasn't labeled as containing peanuts but lo and behold, it had trace amounts. I begin to go into shock and my family is scrambling around trying to find my Epi-pen. My mom finds it and is trying to talk me into laying down so she can easily give me the life-saving shot. I begin to start crying and begging her not to do it because "I'm fine, really!". She ignores me thankfully, and pins me down and gives me the shot. I being screeching and thrash, causing her to cut me with the needle really badly. Thankfully, I got the medication into my system and I survived. I now have a large scar on my thigh from where she cut me. TL:DR: I have ZERO sense of self-preservation and nearly died because I was too afraid of a tiny needle to take a life-saving medication.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Lavender Sprinkles! I'm a relatively new MLP fan (I got hooked in October 2017) and I'm really excited to finally be here. I know with the announcement of the final season, things look bleak but I'm hoping to meet lots of new friends to weather through the upcoming pony shortage. If anyone wants to chat, my PMs are open both here and on FiM Fiction!
  4. I really enjoyed all the songs from the soundtrack. Off To See The World was my favorite though. It's actually my favorite song right now. It really spoke to me because I recently moved and the song really spoke to me and the experiences I was about to have with moving across the country with all my things in my little car. The rest of the songs are super catchy and I really enjoyed all of them. I really enjoyed Rainbow but I can see where people are coming from about it not really being on the same levels as the other songs. It really does feel like Hasbro was scrambling for a celebrity appeal. Don't get me long, I adore Sia and all her songs but I think it feels the most out of place of all the songs.
  5. I can see Equestria Girls continuing for a while. I can imagine they may do a story line of the girls going to college or something. (I can totally picture SciTwi doing all her crazy science in a college lab somewhere )
  6. I think the latest thing I bought were two MLP: FiM comic books. I bought them right before I moved so they're still in boxes. Once I find them, I'm going to open them a read them! I've been dying to read the comics but none of the stores where I used to live carried them.
  7. I dreamt about my old job. It's 75%+ of what I dream about. I started that job nearly 2 years ago and left a few months ago. I have a new job but I always dream about the old one. And it's always something silly like "Oh no, I stopped to grab a drink before my shift but now I'm 6 hours late. Oh nooooo!". It's not distressing (as I don't care about being late. I was late all the time )but it is weird. I'm so sick of being reminded of my soul-sucking retail job. Princess Luna, please let me dream of something else! I'd love to dream about ponies or anything but my old job!
  8. I think this is a really good idea. The magnets in the hooves would make them feel like real hooves (as well as being able to attach them to metal surfaces).