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  1. Первая смерть короля Сомбры: Смерть короля бурь: Смерть злой шестерки: Вторая смерть короля Сомбры:
  2. Well, for a start, it would be nice to know the power limit of the amulet. Does it give a power equal to that of alicorn, according to its name?
  3. In the Official Customization Trailer DOOM Eternal, there is one interesting skin.
  4. Now that he flashed in the season 5 finale and made a full appearance at the start of season 9, what can we say about it now.
  5. Definitely not. To re-educate such a person would be a rather idiotic decision.
  6. Doubt. Starlight has a better chance than Spike.
  7. Somebody drew attention to the fact that Lord Tirek is not weak grew by Queen Chrysalis.
  8. Have you ever thought about the fact that Cozy Glow is a child prodigy.
  9. One favorite mini-comics. Original Original
  10. One favorite mini-comics. Original Original