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  1. Doubt. Starlight has a better chance than Spike.
  2. Somebody drew attention to the fact that Lord Tirek is not weak grew by Queen Chrysalis.
  3. Have you ever thought about the fact that Cozy Glow is a child prodigy.
  4. One favorite mini-comics. Original Original
  5. One favorite mini-comics. Original Original
  6. In fact, the curved horn and the wavy mane is still in mistmane and king Sombra.
  7. He didn't kill them for two reasons: 1. To make them sad because they can't stop him from enslaving everyone they love. I mean, he wanted to torture them mentally. Which is also pretty dark. 2. He felt that, without their elements, they would not be able to stop him. Which by the way was the main reason for his defeat.
  8. The trailer showed Discord. And I wondered what they would do with him and his power.