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  1. Yea, I love paperback books, the feel and smell of them. Plus, this might sound weird its just satisfying turning a page. I get the the pro's of kindles, y'know carrying a whole library in your bag and it weighs pretty much nothing. But god, I can't stand reading on them, for some reason I feel like I just can't focus on it.
  2. Screw it, figured I'd join in. Taken shortly before I joined uni (late September 2018) Edit: Sorry just seen how big the picture is
  3. I have pretty bad body dysmorphia and that's what will often get me down (Shallow I know, like not kidding my whole afternoon was once ruined because I ate something more salty then usual and my thigh size was like half a centimetre then it was that morning- I'm able to laugh about it, but still) ANYWAYS what generally makes me happy is just distracting myself, I love doing traditional calligraphy and that'll typically take a fair chunk of time to do, video games as well if I feel like playing them (The Witcher series, and Stardew valley) and this will sound pretty dorky, but around the time essays are due, when I get into it I love writing history essays being able to share my ideas and thoughts on a subjects mixed with academic opinion
  4. I guess it depends on the person. I respect a lot of people who become vegan, whether it be for ethical or dietary reasons and that is totally fine to me...!!! Plus there are some pretty good vegan foods out there. An old classmate who I still follow on Instagram became vegan a few years back and they were pretty chilled out about it. They eventually joined a vegan group who every few weekends go to different town centres when its busy, tape their mouths shut and hold up pictures of slaughtered, cows, pigs chickens etc. with the sign 'Meat is murder'. In my opinion that is a horrible way to spread the message, if you want to promote veganism talk to people about it in a calm way, have a chat and both sides respect each others options.
  5. I love the the colour pink (and other pastel colours) But they really don't suit me clothing wise so my wardrobe mainly consists of brown, grey, black, and maroon I'd also love to get a masters in Medieval History
  6. I remember when I was about 10, people thought I looked older than I was. Now, if I wear make up, I look my age (Maybe a year or 2 older) which is 18. Without it though, I was asked to show ID to buy a rated 15 movie
  7. I'm terrible at staying up later so generally between 9:30 and 11:00 to get up at 6am, even on weekends
  8. I've just finished season 2, episode 10, so reeaaallyyy behind but I've got a pretty free evening so should be able to get through a fair amount
  9. The reason I signed up was I wanted to have an opportunity to discuss the show. None of my friends are into the show which is fun, and I don't want to hammer on about something they aren't interested in. Some of my other hobbies include, medieval history (Absolute sucker for medieval monarchs, knights, tournaments, and don't get me started on the Wars of the Roses), The Lord of the Rings, and calligraphy