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  1. When lee died in the walking dead wait no that’s still sad.....
  2. Same I also live near Ontario
  3. I’ve never broken anything really but the most pain I’ve been in was when we were moving stuff out of our storage unit into our new house and the door got stuck on something so I had to crawl under the door and get it unstuck so my dad opened the door and his welding tank fell and crushed my hand it worst part was that my hand wasn’t even flat it was sideways so *PAIN INTENSIFIES*
  4. So as far as I’m aware there is only one movie right? I just wanted to know when I should watch it in the series so I don’t spoil anything in later seasons
  5. Would do it but never sang before in my life so R.I.P me
  6. Used to play baseball I forgot if I was actually good at it or not lol
  7. I’d love to be a master of video games sounds childish I know.... but if you think about it some of those esports players and twitch streamers or youtubers make hundreds of thousands of dollars
  8. Just thought I would start a new discussion what would you guys do if the zombie apocalypse started? Curious to see what your plans would be
  9. Thanks and yeah I noticed that to on rainbow Dash I tried rounding it out more but eventually just stopped before making it worse lol
  10. This is the first fan art I made I don’t draw often so it’s obviously not that good lol but I drew spike and rainbow Dash (without color I’m planning to color it in eventually) so what do y’all think?
  11. Definitely without a doubt I would do so much different
  12. Revenge of hodge podge ”I’m good, but there’s two of me, so I’m good twice! Check out that math”
  13. 9/10 im not sure who those two are supposed to be
  14. I believe in swagism as my religion
  15. Tails Someone in a helicopter steals your entire house and sold it on the black market