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  1. The Historian

    Gaming Best and Worst Mario Levels

    Rainbow Ride gives me colorful, flying nightmares.
  2. The Historian

    Gaming Legend of Zelda discussion thread

    Best Zelda of all time is A Link to the Past. I need to crack out my WiiU so I can legitimately play Breath of the Wild instead of on an emulator. Great game, but it feels like a Skyrim mod. :p
  3. The Historian

    Gaming What's your biggest criticism of RDR2?

    Here's my main complaint about RDR2: it's not on PC.
  4. The Historian

    Technology What phone do you have?

    Galaxy S6. I only have it because my Lumia 810 bit the dust a few years ago.
  5. The Historian

    Technology air or water for your cpu ?

    I have an AIO CPU water cooler on my new build, also on an i7 8700K. Keeps the temperatures low and I can blast the hell out of it with Prime95 and not even get above 50C. Air cooling is usually fine but I wanted something a little better. Plus it looks good with my tempered glass side panel. :p
  6. The Historian

    Gaming Do you keep or sell your old consoles?

    Still have my NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64 from childhood. I never sell them. I could probably sell them now for some decent coin, but I don't plan on it. I can put those bad boys on a new TV if I want. Adapters are the best things ever.
  7. The Historian

    Gaming Games that give you nostalgia.

    Anything I played as a kid mainly. Stuff like Combat and Crystal Castles on the 2600 and Mario 3 on the NES are timeless for me.
  8. Are there any other fellow video game collecting enthusiasts around here? I imagine at least or two must be around. I'm probably, like always, the odd man out being the one who collects, primarily, PC games. Short of the Facebook groups I'm in, I'm always the oddball collecting big box PC games. :p Here's a few random pieces of my collection: No, that's not even close to a tenth of what I have overall. xD I've got shelves, boxes and tables full of stuff. Anywho, any other fellow collectors of video games and video game accessories?
  9. The Historian

    General Which holiday defines your country best?

    Christmas. Because Americans love to shop and this culture is built around acquiring as much useless bullshit as possible. And that is my cynical take on it.
  10. The Historian

    General Anypony here trans?

    I'm MtF and I have begun hormone therapy. I couldn't ignore it anymore, even though I'd tried to do so for twenty-two years of my life. Sadly, I started the transition at 34 so I don't think it will end up quite as well as others, but I still have a good chance. Admitting to friends was fairly easy as was telling my brother. I just kinda told him "hey, this is gonna happen soon" and he was like "do what you need to do to be happy." Telling my parents was not nearly as easy. I did tell my mom and dad, and it went better than I expected. Finally got them to understand more with some family therapy time with a specialized gender therapist. When I'm not so goddamn broke, I'll be going back to said specialist since she's also a vocal coach and has an entire program just for transwomen to transform them from men to women. I am so lucky I live near the Transgender Institute. Not looking forward to replacing a good chunk of my wardrobe, nor getting so much hair lasered the hell off. I'm more tomboyish either way so most of my clothing will be fine. Not giving up my pony shirts regardless. xD
  11. The Historian

    General Why do so many people write love songs?

    Because it's easy. You can argue relatable, but that seems like it's pushing it a little. Love is the easiest way to put out a song with the least amount of effort. The subject has been overdone and I find incredibly boring so I look elsewhere. But that's me.
  12. The Historian

    Movies/TV Dora the Explorer movie coming from Michael Bay

    To be fair, it looks like a decent family movie. Almost like a kid's version of National Treasure. I might give it a watch for giggles, just to see how it ends up. It really does not look all that bad. Could be kinda fun.
  13. The Historian

    Music Christian Music

    If I listen to anything Christian based, it's usually Audiovision but Stryper is pretty good too.
  14. The Historian

    Who is using Windows 10/8/7/or Xp?

    I use Windows 10 Pro on my current and new build. My laptop from 2008 runs Windows 7 Pro and I use Windows 7 Pro at work. I have a VM where I run XP, 98SE and 3.11. Oh, and I've got a Mac Mini running good old Snow Leopard. Oh, and my Win server box runs WS 2012 R2.
  15. The Historian

    General Media Peanuts vs Calvin and Hobbes

    While I adore Peanuts, I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes. I have a lot of the collections and I still read it at least once or twice a year. C&H is easily the best comic strip ever written and it's so surreal, yet always on point. I've been a fan since before the strip actually ended its original print run. Always good for a surreal laugh.