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  1. What the hell is a social life? Sounds mythical.
  2. For video games, it's easily A Link to the Past. Card games? A toss between FreeCell and poker. Board games? Been a while since I last played one...
  3. Somehow, both my brother and I ended up taller than our parents. Though, out of he and I, I went over 6 foot and he didn't. I'm half a foot taller than my dad, which is pretty funny in some ways.
  4. Now that more time has passed, I'm actually a bit anxious about getting this. It's unlikely I'll have any problems but I am in a class of people who have an increased risk of death. Let's hear it for having a heart problem. ugh.
  5. The Earth is already improving now that people aren't selfishly polluting it every single day. That's a global benefit! Personally, working from home has been glorious. Not driving an hour to the office is the best.
  6. No. Coffee is disgusting. I have never had it once, nor do I need it. I have a bit of caffeinated soda instead then go to water.
  7. Can't be aired on television. TV-MA ain't enough for my life...
  8. It's new and they don't understand it. It feels foreign to them and they can't just "get caught up." Change is so rapid that they can't be bothered. I'm sure, at some point, many of us will be that way. I try not to be but sometimes, I catch myself thinking about "how we used to do it and how it was good enough."
  9. Haven't used a prebuilt since... uh... 2002? Maybe 2003? Somewhere in there. Built my own since then.
  10. Actually... nothing. I don't go out anyway so nothing changes. I can work from home now and I just run to the store and back. I guess being an introvert finally comes in handy.
  11. I'm first shift where I work but there's 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 so there's not much choice in the matter. Personally, I much prefer a later shift but I don't have that option sadly. It would be nice, however, to be officially titled as "web developer" instead of it not being recognized. But alas, that's what happens when people bail without much notice. I pick up the slack and get fucked in the process. Beyond that, I work for a pleasant small company in Kansas. Not the best pay but they're trans-positive and my coworkers are absolutely fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better team!
  12. Not counting the first two I had right out of high school, I've had four. I washed cars, inspected cars, did phone tech support and am currently a web dev.
  13. Barring places I went on specifically to get banned, I haven't been very often. I did manage to get myself account banned from a modding community I still frequent about half a dozen times. That was... an interesting time.
  14. Things that irritate me the most are people not taking it seriously enough and people overreacting and panic buying FUCKING EVERYTHING. People whining about events being cancelled because of a pandemic are gratingly obnoxious, and people acting like "it's not big deal" are equally infuriating. This is serious. Be smart and stop being idiots!
  15. I had a few small ones broken in my hand when I got it slammed in a car door. It was excruciating.