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  1. DST is archaic and needs to be done away with. It's inefficient, dangerous and confusing.
  2. Transphobes are the top of the list, but also on the list are the following: ultra rich people, religion, capitalism, political parties, brazen ignorance, bigotry. Plenty more in there too but those are probably the big ones.
  3. No. I've played my DS and 3DS in public many times and I don't really give a shit otherwise. Why would I be embarrassed to publicly enjoy something so innocuous?
  4. I would, but only in the sense of turning me into a cisgender woman instead of a transgender woman. Other than that, I don't need to change really.
  5. Online friends have been my best ones for my entire life. All of my offline friends have drifted apart and don't talk to me anymore. Been friends with people online for more than ten years! And my offline friends haven't talked to me in that long. Kinda sad...
  6. I have both. I get paid well and like what I do. Easy when you like writing code... haha.
  7. This is a tough question to answer. Prior to starting gender transition, I felt like every minute was wasted. Now I don't feel the same. At least at all times anyway.
  8. I won't cry in front of people, especially not those with whom I work. I've left early several times over the last eight months because of it. And that's really the first time I'd cried in a little over twenty years. Now that it's easier, I do it a hell of a lot more. Though, to be honest, making yourself not cry isn't tough... it's just weakness.
  9. Humanity needs to grow the hell up and stop being so mindless, shallow and hateful. Especially towards LGBT individuals. Good lord do we get the shit end of the stick. I would also like to see humanity discard religion like the garbage it is. Time to stop believing in fairy tales. Peter Pan isn't real and neither are their precious deities.
  10. Currently, I have seven active prescriptions. An antidepressant, anti-anxiety adjuvant to my anti-depressant, a non-steroidal ADHD med, an anti-androgen, estradiol, an anti-insomnia med and a beta blocker. You might say I'm jolly well fucked.
  11. During the day, yes. While I sleep, no. Ladies' underwear is surprisingly comfy.
  12. I have a fan running to make noise to block out my tinnitus. Since it's the winter time, I also have a room heater going.
  13. I would literally be fucked. My entire career is Internet-centric. I don't watch TV anyway so that doesn't matter but the Internet is how I make a living and where all of my hobbies reside.
  14. Not really. Why would I tidy my bed when I'm just gonna use it again later?
  15. Short of my parents being mildly obnoxious sometimes, I'm not annoyed by them really. I find it annoying that they're not trying as hard as they should with my request to use my new name and pronouns but... that's about as bad as it gets.