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  1. I hated shop. Worst class I've ever had. I had no interest in it whatsoever and still don't.
  2. Only really play Call of Duty online. Sometimes C&C or Starcraft but that's rare. I like the campaigns but I suck at online. XD
  3. Because it's usually watered down rock with absolutely no talent, no substance and no redeeming value. It's the southern version of really shitty pop music. However, some good country does exist. Check out Blackberry Smoke. Super good and I rather like it. And I hate country.
  4. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was really going on, before I really understood it. So yeah, there was a lot of mights and maybes, and confusion about what that actually meant for me as a person. Acting like confusion doesn't exist is a severe disservice to everyone who struggles with it. Mine wasn't bad, thankfully, but I didn't not have a moment where I went, "yep, I like guys too" and a switch was flipped. That just doesn't happen. You're missing my point entirely. What I meant has nothing to do with actually being gay. Rather, I meant the social stigma that straight men have for showing affection towards fellow straight men, among many other things. There is still a large section of society that states men must keep everything to themselves, cannot show emotion, cannot show affection to anyone except a spouse or their children, must never show fear, must never admit to failure, etc. While this is slowly being dismantled, there is still that pressure on many, many men and even on boys. It's these things that put up a barrier for more guys to explore things a lot more. Men exploring is looked down upon but women exploring is just fine. It's a product of genuine toxic masculinity and it hurts men everywhere.
  5. It's complicated. On one hand, I live with constant depression so finding happiness is a struggle and a half. But on the other, starting my gender transition had made me a million times happier than I was before.
  6. I'm past drafting age, and mentally ill so I wouldn't even need to worry.
  7. I will eventually. When my hair is longer and straightened out. I'll dye it a dark purple.
  8. Pretty goddamn easy to be confused. It is not that black and white and never has been. Boiling it down to that shows a complete lack of understanding of the human psyche and what people experience. While I didn't catch any flak for it, I turned out to be bisexual after a long time of thinking I only liked girls. Then I started liking men a lot more and that was an odd revelation and extremely confusing for a long time. So yes, it's easy to be confused about your sexuality. On the topic at hand, this primarily boils down to societal pressure and actual toxic masculinity. Society says men aren't supposed to like each other too much or they're just total fags. It's a severe problem that honestly handicaps men from really having greater friendships, at least in the US. Not sure about everywhere else but in the US, men aren't supposed to show affection to other men and must not take their feelings seriously. Major hindrance for men everywhere. Honestly, it's really sad. I had to break away from some of those chains before I started transition since I fell into that trap a bit myself. I don't have to worry as much about it now, thank Celestia.
  9. When people exist too close to me. It's like... can you just not? On a more serious note, interrupting me while I'm in the zone is a massive pet peeve of mine. Like "eff off, you just knocked me out of my focus!" Not understanding my tone is another big one. If I sound pissy, don't continue asking me stupid questions.
  10. Usually just toss and turn all night. I'm not one who sleeps very still.
  11. Atheist. I want nothing to do with religion of any stripe.
  12. I live outside of Kansas City on the Missouri side.
  13. Atheist. Primary because I find most religions to be an absolute plague to humanity and does little more than hold us to the Dark Ages.
  14. I thought I was straight but now I'm about as straight as a bendy straw. xD
  15. I took a standardized, non-online IQ test back in the 90s and scored like... 137. I usually score between 160 and 170 with online ones. I prefer to use the standardized test number I got like 25 years ago.
  16. Mostly big box PC games. And I have a pretty good size chunk of them...
  17. Who do you share your finds with? My current hobby is collecting PC games and without a group to share with and trade with, it's pointless.
  18. I'm gonna say an afghan my grandma knitted for me when I was like... 8. I still use it too. It's warm!
  19. I get loopy really quickly then walking gets more difficult. Stupid walking. Effects of alcohol mixed with my psych meds. Makes me a super lightweight. XD
  20. Severe astigmatism, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! I wear glasses and it's staying that way. I am not shoving crap into my eyes.
  21. Because they're a gigantic corporation. Anything that large that's been around for that long will inevitably get hit with gobs of nonsense, among the true things. For example, the lady who sued McDonald's over the coffee spilling on her was justified in doing so but McDonald's smeared this lady to try to dodge responsibility of serving coffee so fucking hot that it sealed this woman's labia shut. In among the horseshit is plenty of truth.
  22. That's why it's called the known universe. We're not sure what extends beyond the cosmic light horizon. Probably never actually will, but it's an interesting idea to contemplate.