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  1. Depends on the situation. My best friend can't work for very specific reasons and that's okay. I will, however, look down on someone who doesn't work because they're genuinely lazy. I get it, working sucks, but put in some effort instead of being a leech.
  2. Bowling is, and has been, my thing. Been a while since I was last active. Probably couldn't carry my usual 200 average right now. 180s at best, lol.
  3. I'm currently in two relationships. 'Officially' have a boyfriend and unofficially have a girlfriend as well.
  4. Depends on the rut. I have many different types. If it's a severe, months long depressive wave, there's nothing I can do except wait it out. If it's a shorter one, my boyfriend and (soon to be) girlfriend usually help pull me out of it. Sometimes I finally just unleash the tears I've been holding back. I'm perpetually unproductive because of my depression. I try but it's not an easy fight...
  5. Mine is the "sit out because I don't like dancing" type.
  6. I hate mine. It sounds too masculine but I have a higher pitched male voice so it'll be easier to change with some good vocal coaching.
  7. Did it a few times as a kid. But that's really it. I'm too picky about where I sleep to do it much these days though.
  8. Well, technically, the Nationals won one in 1924 when they were the Washington Senators. As the new franchise though, yes, a first. A little old timey baseball trivia.
  9. Nah. I think I'd like something newer. Probably another Nissan. Always liked the Frontier. Wouldn't mind a newer one...
  10. If you mean from this moment... in two years, I hope to be a woman full time and, preferably, in full stealth with at least one surgery behind me. Also hope to have advanced my IT career by then, moving from general tech to software development. And, hopefully, living with my boyfriend... and girlfriend (kinda have both).
  11. I really don't care much for waking up in the morning in general so Mondays are on the list of days I don't like. Though, it's probably at the top because, you know, Monday.
  12. Generally, I do sweet fuck all because the preceding days were probably shitty and my brain is still mashed potatoes. Saturday is generally a recovery day for me. I have, however, been playing games and watching movies with my boyfriend. But, usually, not a whole hell of a lot unless there's a family thing going on.
  13. The last truck I had was a 98 Explorer but it's long gone now. I plan on getting another truck when I'm making a bit more money than I am now. Not sure what yet but I'll think of something.
  14. If it's a killstreak in the game, I don't see it unless it's the hidden one, which I highly doubt. So, either it wasn't in the game at all or someone misrepresented it. As a killstreak, I'd be inclined to agree with you being a cheap addition. But so far, I haven't yet seen anything in the game concerning it so it's hard to say.
  15. Physical. I like seeing Dune books on a shelf and my massive tome of Sherlock Holmes is fantastic.
  16. I am a metal girl through and through, and I do not see that changing any time soon. I listen to regular rock too, but my main focus is metal. I checked other because I do have some other things in there. Though, it's primarily game soundtracks and remixes. But hey, those count goddammit.
  17. Actually, I get smoked pretty consistently by console players. They have autoaim. I don't. I only have an advantage at extreme range so it's fairly well balanced all things considered. Yeah, definitely was fun downloading 125 gigs of data. But I dunno about ludicrous. The game has a ton of content though. Games are getting larger because they have more fidelity so I wouldn't call it ludicrous. It's not haphazard and not even the first time Call of Duty used chemical weapons in a campaign. MW3 included it as a central plot point. Hell, Spec Ops: The Line included white phosphorous for the same reason. Dismissing a game because it has chemical weapons in it is basically saying "this is a video game and they cannot touch certain things." It's not casual and never has been. I hope it's still there and didn't get cut because it made some people get their panties in a twist.
  18. I can say that it does not describe that many people. I work in an office of nerds. Only ONE among us is legitimately creepy. So I'd say your thesis doesn't hold up to empirical evidence.
  19. Worst is probably stretching it a little bit. Still my favorite and didn't take a youtube explanation to understand the plot either. It's just mixed around like a book from the era it was modeled after would have been.
  20. Bought these already but currently waiting on a complete Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Medieval Total War and its expansion. Also waiting for Kingpin and an extremely rare shovelware addon for Starcraft called Stellar Forces. Recently got Dark Reign 2 and a Ghost Recon CE in French. Also managed to snag a Japanese boxed Call of Duty 2. Pleased about that. Oh, and bought Modern Warfare too. I guess I got that recently as well. xD
  21. Aight, now you're speakin' some fightin' words here, fam. Pulp Fiction is my absolute favorite movie of all time. The plot isn't even hard to understand. It just requires paying attention. The Dark Knight was overrated and throat cancer Batman was edgy for the sake of being edgy. I didn't like it yet everyone else loved it.
  22. I've tried newer American stuff and it just doesn't click usually. It's not awful by any means but it doesn't grab me like other things do. I have rock and metal from the 60s until the present, and those range all over the map. From trippy acid rock to just plain thrash metal, and everything in between. However, things that don't have the punch I'm looking for get filtered out of the collection and things that give me a good listening experience will stay. It's not to say I don't have any American rock bands from the modern era because I sure do. But I only crack that out when I have the itch for just plain rock instead of something I have to think about to get more out of it. Suffice to say, if it's banal, I usually pass. I don't hate it or anything, but it's not my cup of tea. Had many recommendations that fell flat because I just couldn't... get into it. I generally stick with the European side because I'm more likely to find things that interest me. But, honestly, I have bands that originate from all over the goddamn world. I tend to look outside the US so I can experience a broader range of bands from across the globe. Like, Japanese power metal isn't the same as Swedish power metal. The cultural influences of each country are something I like to look for. South American metal has a different tone to Russian metal, as another example. American stuff has kinda lost its luster for me, but I still pop it out from time to time when I need that sound.
  23. Millennial. Generation of the perpetually screwed. And not even in the fun way.