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  1. Been a long time since this has even been mentioned. Not my favorite thing ever, but I do enjoy the movies from time to time.
  2. Freedom but that also requires some amount of order.
  3. Until I see some convincing evidence, they will remain as nothing more than pseudoscience.
  4. I do as I please. I'm already deep in the shit. What's a little more on top with being a furry?
  5. Believe me or don't. I care little what others think. But I am quite the furry.
  6. I don't have a lanyard on my keychain but I do have a Breath of the Wild lanyard for my work access card.
  7. Chocolate or gummy bears. When I'm really depressed, I just chow down on those.
  8. I am most definitely a furry. My nickname in another community for years has been "furry queen." It's not really a secret that I get down with the fuzz.
  9. They will be actors in a way, but the idea is to fill in the gaps of the overarching story with how our characters interact and how the ponies live in their new world. I have ideas, don't worry. It won't be as stifling as you might think but I want to follow the story as close as we can while still maintaining some freedom to interact. Your character seems to be fine. I have no trouble with him. Any particular pony of mine you'd be okay with playing? Still need a few more people then we can start this bad boy.
  10. I know this might sound nitpicky but gaming isn't an addiction. It's a compulsion. Not entirely the same. Anyway, excessive gaming is damaging to people. Game compulsion doesn't usually exist in isolation either. It's weird and counter-intuitive, but, most of the time, this happens between a small set of people. Two to maybe four or five at most. They share this to the exlcusion of everything else. Kind of a problem. No, games aren't some addictive force but they do provide the escapism that some people desperately need to fill a void left in their lives.
  11. Mine would something like this: "How Hard Do We Have to Fuck Her Before She Cracks?" No, that isn't a sexual reference. Life has this tendency to be really cruel to me. Hence the title of my book.
  12. Oh sure. I have my share. I have major depression, generalized anxiety, ADHD, high-functioning autism and I'm transgender... the last one really throws everything into chaos. And I recently had a psychotic episode so that was fun (not).
  13. Gender stereotypes aren't generally based on falsehoods and often have a small amount of truth to them. That said, they're not for everyone and society at large needs to accept that not everyone fits into the same fucking boxes. All men don't need to do X thing just like all women don't need to do Y thing. Statistically, they will but embrace the outliers. They're not weird, just different.
  14. Yes. Primarily in indexes and bonds. Things with long term stability rather than short term gains.
  15. No, but I've cried myself to sleep before. Hooray for being totally mentally fucked!
  16. Usually goes to my hobby. Admittedly, I probably invest more in that than I should. But oh well.
  17. This is easily one of the worst parts about being an MtF transgender. Facial hair is stupid. Delete it. I'm getting laser hair removal, hopefully starting this summer so it will no longer be a blight upon my face.
  18. In a way, sort of. A friend at work put it best: a computer is a rock we shoot lightning through to trick it into thinking. And, honestly, that's not even all that out of scope.
  19. It's not an either or situation here. It's a mixture of both. You have to be born with a certain aptitude and capacity to absorb and understand the things that you learn in your life. This comes easier for some but it is not impossible if the aptitude is slightly muted compared to another. Basically, it breaks down like this: intelligence the capacity to learn and understand, being smart is using intellect or knowledge in a practical manner and being wise is knowing when to apply that intellect and knowledge and when to not.
  20. Right now, I am a web developer, (unofficial) manager of the ecommerce department, a database administrator (of sorts) and a tier 3 support engineer. Suffice to say, I wear a lot of hats where I work.
  21. I'd pay off my loans, pay off my mom and dad's house, complete my gender transition, buy some super rare PC games then invest the remainder. Whoever gave me the loan? They can kick rocks, lmao.
  22. I honestly don't even know. It was some plain DOS and Windows 3.1 box my dad got in the very early 90s. So... brand? I have no idea. The one after it was a Compaq then I started building my own.
  23. Probably the time I got my hand crunched in a car door. The pain was bad. Then again, the unholy, unmerciful abdominal pain I sometimes get is probably worse.
  24. Introverted then, introverted now. I have never been the most social person, nor do I really desire that.