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  1. The only thing I don't like about Windows 10 is the update nagging. It's worse than OSX. That and when updates break, they break hard. I can't update this build past 1703 because... fuck if I know! I've tried to fix it no less than fifteen times and I can't figure it out. Probably time to run my AIO fixer again. x__x

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  2. On 5/21/2019 at 7:06 PM, Sunlight Glisten said:

    Ive had 1 funnel cloud but it never made land fall. 13 years in tornado ally, still waiting on my first tornado. 

    It took me 32 years living in Tornado Alley to get one to drop in my neighborhood. Funny how that works sometimes.

  3. For all of you US citizens, there's another "oh so wonderful" scam going around that can get you if you're not careful. The scammers claim they're from the Social Security Administration and your "social security number is suspended." Hint: that's not a thing.

    More info:

    Similar to those IRS scams that float around every year. Pretty sure, much like the IRS, the SSA will contact you via certified mail and not by phone.

    Be careful if you get any calls claiming to be the SSA. I've gotten five of the goddamn things today but I blocked the number.

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  4. This smacks of someone who's trying to defame another person over anger. Because it's all hearsay, we don't really know if there is any truth to any of the claims presented. Are these things possible? Sure, but I tend to doubt the validity of a single person because it's too easy to make hearsay sound credible. Nobody should be crucified for one person's alleged claims.