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  1. welp im heading of to bed getting a bit tired , goodnight :3

    1. SolarFlare13


      aww, goodnight :3

      When you have the time, try making your OC on these sites :laugh:


      3D Pony Creator



      MLP Movie OC Creator 



      Legends Of Equestria OC Creator



      Pony Town OC creator



      Ponyvania OC creator



  2. i chose my avatar becouse well he is my oc as kinda well would be me if i was in equestria :3
  3. naw im not but i am looking at the moment and wouldnt matter what gender :3
  4. hope you dont mind me adding you to my friends list :3

    1. SolarFlare13


      I was about to do the same XD

    2. StarCircuit
  5. im more of a night owl till when i start to get really tired and fall asleep :3
  6. windy, warm.....but verry windy to ware it makes cooler then it is at night right now.
  7. last thing i had was taco bueno ^^ mmm love the food their :3
  8. why hello there !^^ cant wait for season 9 and gen 5 ! :3

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    2. SolarFlare13
    3. StarCircuit


      not the brightest of colors but original i guess XD

    4. Kyoshi


      *looks at self* Who needs bright colors anyways. :P

  9. im feeling pretty good , a bit tired but im doing alright :3
  10. naw i havent been for a verry long time so i just use my phone lol.
  11. i think if its used to much when its wayy old to the point ware it becouse to annoying or just used a lot then maybe.
  12. nope nope nope ! will not ever go near or touch one ever ! D :
  13. i got mine a few days ago to ware its really short ! i dont like having long hair to ware it iches your ears when you are wearing headphones Dx