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Everything posted by RainySky

  1. doing pretty good :3 still hyped about the halo mcc announcement !
  2. may i say that you have a awsome  RD avatar and photo cover ! ^^

    Pssst, she is also one of my favorites :3

    1. Rikifive


      Why, thank you! c:

      Even though her personality is kind of annoying sometimes, she's still a lovable pone. :catface:

  3. its the most wonderfull day for pie !


  4. in person ? well i had 3 one laster for 5 years then the other 2 i was with were around 2 to 4 months to be honest...but being single is doing pretty good for me the last few years , lonely but in a good way i guess lol.
  5. those are really good ! the lighting texture looks so good ! i would like to draw to make my oc to not have that girly type mane from the oc creator but sadly i cant xD
  6. yay oc has been created ! :3

    1. Lazy Amethyst

      Lazy Amethyst

      Nice OC ! And welcome !^^

  7. yay i can post stats now XD it will be a while till i have my profile all set up o.o

  8. hmmm it would have to be overwatch i keep missing verry small dialogs that i didnt know xD and also night in the woods a lot of reading but a fun game :3 and life is strange ^^
  9. my last gaming purchase was kingdom hearts 3...been a while since i bought another one when i finished it...seemed kinda quick finishing kh3.. but still loved it :3
  10. as of now i dont have much of a favorite favorite song but as of now its master of puppets becouse of guitar hero XD
  11. as of this moment i am playing modern warfare remastered on the xbox one x till when mw2r comes out