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  1. RainySky

    How are you feeling

    doing pretty good :3 still hyped about the halo mcc announcement !
  2. may i say that you have a awsome  RD avatar and photo cover ! ^^

    Pssst, she is also one of my favorites :3

    1. Rikifive


      Why, thank you! c:

      Even though her personality is kind of annoying sometimes, she's still a lovable pone. :catface:

  3. its the most wonderfull day for pie !


  4. in person ? well i had 3 one laster for 5 years then the other 2 i was with were around 2 to 4 months to be honest...but being single is doing pretty good for me the last few years , lonely but in a good way i guess lol.
  5. RainySky

    critique wanted Anuska's Art Thread

    those are really good ! the lighting texture looks so good ! i would like to draw to make my oc to not have that girly type mane from the oc creator but sadly i cant xD
  6. RainySky

    *deep voice* helllo ! la la laaa

    i already know some mlp youtubers :3 applegeek , bronymonster44 , epicV , blankslate , and raritydash :3
  7. yay oc has been created ! :3

    1. Anuska


      Nice OC ! And welcome !^^

  8. RainySky

    *deep voice* helllo ! la la laaa

    why thank you verry much ^^
  9. yay i can post stats now XD it will be a while till i have my profile all set up o.o

  10. RainySky

    Gaming Games that you replay every so often

    hmmm it would have to be overwatch i keep missing verry small dialogs that i didnt know xD and also night in the woods a lot of reading but a fun game :3 and life is strange ^^
  11. yep it was only a matter of time....
  12. RainySky

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    my last gaming purchase was kingdom hearts 3...been a while since i bought another one when i finished it...seemed kinda quick finishing kh3.. but still loved it :3
  13. RainySky

    Favorite songs?

    as of now i dont have much of a favorite favorite song but as of now its master of puppets becouse of guitar hero XD
  14. RainySky

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    as of this moment i am playing modern warfare remastered on the xbox one x till when mw2r comes out
  15. Hey everyone new here ! well as you can tell i got into mlp becouse of youtube poops lol but its mostly the amazing/funny animations the fan base has made and im a fan of animation i have kinda seen almost every fan animation i can think of unless i have missed out on some xD anyways as for favorite pony is twilight she is so adorkable ! ^^ and will make a about me section soon on my profile which im not sure why i cant yet... anyways i am 28 , i am a gamer for xbox and pc :3 soon for fully on pc lol ummm i gues thats it about me oh ! and ill make a oc soon but i am a bit busy at times soo it might be a while till i make one from one of those pony makers right ? XD anyways hope to start posting a lot soon