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    games , movies , south park , mlp duh lol , star wars , aliens.

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About Me

hello its me RainySky :3 what ? u want to know about me ? well there is not much to say really im just a average, boring 28 year old bi guy who likes this show lol i am also a gamer with my xbox and pc and i also listen to some brony music :3 as for my favorite fan animation it would have to be the obvious....lullaby for a princess ! so good ! plus princess Celestia is my fav. princess ^^ anyways if you want to talk just shoot me a message !  :3:-P

Favorite ponies :

twilight , rainbow dash , apple jack.

favorite villans :

Sombra , chrisy

Favorite CMC

Sweetie bell

Favorite background ponies:

Derpy , Lyra. :3

Favorite Songs:

A kirins tale , Lunas Future