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  1. Well heya guys. So the final season is about a month away and we wanted to have some fun throughout it. The event ponies want to have a Season 9 Bingo. If you know what Bingo is then skip this, or don't because I love when my stuff is read. Okay so it's pretty simple, each player has a digital bingo card generated and sent to them via PM. That is if you opt-in and want to play. Otherwise I suppose you could skip out now. Oooh skipping is fun, but you know that's kinda hard for Kirin and Ponies to do. Anyway, Each card will have several randomly created predictions of what will happen in Season 9. No two cards will be the same. If the prediction comes true you earn that block. Five in a row vertical, horizontal, or diagonal you get BINGO. The cards will be 5x5 with the center square placed as a free space. The cards will be sent via PM before the Season 9 premier. None of the speculation can be obvious things we have seen from the trailer. Once Season 9 starts no new players, so opt in now. There will be something nifty for those that get Bingo. So if you want to play and receive a card, just post here. We are also talking suggestions for speculation to add to the cards. They have to be plausible for us to add it. Send these suggestions to @Jeric and if they work for a proper guess. > Goes Nirik DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THIS TOPIC. Bingo Week 1 Results for The Beginning of the End. SPOILERS in tag Thanks all and remember to receive a Bingo Card you need to opt-in to play the game.
  2. Okay all, why do us Kirin always hear that we have "resting kirin face"? What is that exactly?

    1. Sparklefan1234


       "Resting Kirin face" reminds me of a sleepy/disinterested looking face. :mlp_maud:

  3. I wanna siiiiiiiiiiing!

    lala lalala lalala la la la

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      The kirin used to speak and sing?

      They weren't always silent?

  4. Welcome to MLP Forums Autumn Blaze. :pinkie:

    1. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Oh hi there! What's your name? Buffy? Do you buff things? I ask because I really had this favorite teapot that fell off a cliff and it really needs a good shine, don't ask long story and not worth telling, oh but I bet you have some fun stories to tell