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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I might not love Cetrion but she deserved far better. Not just for potential just in general. She had a lot going for her and I could sense some good in her. But she was just so blinded and desperate for her mother’s attention and love that she never really truly shined in my eyes. It’s a massive shame. Speaking of her mother I think she was mostly driven to madness to a degree. Yes they’re both evil but at least there’s a reason for their actions. Unlike from what I can recall a certain relative of theirs. Who a mk fandom member on tumblr puts on a high ass pedestal and demonizes his mother and sister. Even though he’s just as fuckin awful as he is. 

  3. Erb season 6 is going alright so far not fantastic but still enjoyable. 

    Though I’m kind of disappointed that so many of Chev’s horrible actions weren’t even given any lines about them. 

    Still more fond of the previous battle. 

     The lyrics were better, the disses weren’t as good as this one but still good, the beat was a tad catchier in the premiers battle and arguably the visuals were better. Not much changed in them too often. Granted Freddy vs Wolverine had the excuse of Freddy being able to manipulate reality in ones dreams meaning there was more material and ideas to use for the visual effects. 

  4. Mars. It’s so red. I like Jupiter and Saturn too though. Plus Mars is my Astro signs planet so even though I’m not into that stuff that’s still cool.
  5. I’d think it’s usually out of ignorance yet I’m sure some might try to reclaim it. Or they aren’t actually being serious when they use the term.
  6. Yes. It is sadly. Hot tip: just call yourself a big fan of someone or something. The negativity that comes with the phrase Stan isn’t something one wants to be associated with.
  7. That’s basically what a Stan is an over obsessive fan. One who disregards anything a real person(as in actors/actresses, musicians, you get the point) or fictional characters that are horrible have done. And yknow constantly shit on other people/characters others enjoy. Basically incredibly obnoxious and toxic fans. Because they don’t know where the term came from and don’t realize being a Stan isn’t really something to be proud of. Granted there are some good ones out there but most of them just need to get some help. Constantly being just really toxic and gross in general.
  8. It was around before tumblr even actually. This isn’t even remotely close to something new. I’m kind of shocked this is just now being discovered by people.
  9. -angry bard noises-

  10. Any basic info can be found here:https://mlpforums.com/blogs/blog/3495-a-simple-blog/ The rules from my other ask topics apply here This will be Kurohyoumon. This will be Lark. This will be neutral Geist. This will be Villain Geist. This will be Aquamarine.
  11. And I hate a chunk of tumblrs user base even more. Can’t say why here though sadly. 

  12. I’m tired but I just woke up from a nap. 

  13. Jack was practically a yandere sometimes in Lark’s canon. Like the really really fucking disturbing and frightening type. Going as far as to offer to Kahn for me and would definitely want to rule by my side. Like Jesus Christ on a bicycle.