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  1. If any of y’all are familiar with kin shit please message me. I’m dying to talk about something. 

  2. Got the new mk game. Started up story mode, played a few fights and a tower or two. Enjoying it but taking long breaks between sessions. Also need to look through a walkthrough on the damned krypt. :dry:

    1. Fluttertastic 16

      Fluttertastic 16

      Nice I hope you have fun. 

  3. Just in fiction like video games and such. For crying out loud one of my favorite video game series is Mortal Kombat one of if not the most violent series of video games. And I enjoy a bit of Happy Tree Friends every now and then. Real life violence? Only if I’d find it necessary. Even then I wouldn’t go too extreme.
  4. Neither. I’ve tried GTA, couldn’t get into it. And br games just aren’t my thing.
  5. In a few hours I’ll be playing mk11. Probably not for long though. Like an hour or so at most before going to sleep. 

    1. Bakugou Is My Man <3

      Bakugou Is My Man <3

      It comes out tomorrow, yeah? 

  6. Please for the love of God do not argue on this thread, just say which one you like and what you like about it. Don’t insult either side okay. Personally I’ve always enjoyed both. The only thing that kind of gives Pokémon a teeny bit of an upper hand (not enough to consider it better than the other just like a tiny lift above) is that I never really played much in the way of Digimon’s games(I’ve only played the first 2 Digimon world games on the ps1)but have played multiple Pokémon games.(as in I think a game or two in the case of gen 2; for each gen, except the gen 3 remakes and ultra moon) As for the anime? I’ve seen about the same amount on both sides. I’ll admit Digimon’s later series aren’t great but I can at least watch them every now and then. Same goes for Pokémon. How bout you. Which side. Or are you like me and choose to stand in the middle. Designs? Honestly, I don’t have a side here; both sides have their good ones and their ridiculous ones and the kind of stupid ones. Like granted Digimon has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more mons than Pokémon so there’s a chance there could be a lot more dumb ideas for a mon on their side to you but eh.