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  1. I....can’t go into much detail for mine for reasons I don’t wish to mention because it’s really not forum appropriate but...the basis of it was just basically a nightmare involving a horrific eldritch abomination, murder, and well that sort of deal.
  2. Sleep? Don’t know her. 

    1. Odyssey


      I hear she's a nice girl. She has plenty of corgis with her!

  3. If only the world knew of one thing. That regardless if this universe’s Jack got caught and identity supposedly revealed that somewhere out there in the vast multiverses lives another. Managing to escape getting caught with more skill than the known one and not even a fully fledged human being. If only they knew. 

  4. Status post for this is gone so here’s the worst Halloween costume I’ve done 





  5. Nope I’m from an old 90’s nicktoon. Out of all of the shows featured in my source mine was undoubtedly the most popular. I take a more hands on, thought up more, have gotten a lot closer in my goal than others and use technological methods as opposed to just using some random thing while putting zero thought in my plans. My bizarre appearance was the result of a bumbling moron knocking someone into a button and into something that chopped me into pieces followed by an incredibly botched surgery by a hack.
  6. 3 more days until Erb Season 6 starts. 

  7. Just as the title says,rate the character/s. You must rate the character/s above you and only them. Do not skip over a character or characters above them, you are only supposed to rate the one or ones above you. So like if you see a familiar character or characters and they aren’t above you, don’t do it. You don't have to be familiar with the character or characters to rate them, you can just rate by their appearance. Though I’d suggest to look up on them a little first. You must rate the character or all of the characters above you, don’t just rate one or two if there’s more than that. I’ll start. Hodge Podge Evie Frye Phineas T Ratchet Jade
  8. Minus the legendaries make your own here https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/
  9. ANIMATED VILLAINS ONLY Give me your top ten favorites. I wanna learn y’alls taste in this. Personally for me it’d go 10. Gaston 9. Cruella Deville 8. Mother Gothel 7. Oogie Boogie 6.Maleficent 5. Ursula 4. Jafar 3. Hades 2. Scar 1. Dr. Facilier who’s incredibly underrated tbh Honorable Mentions include Syndrome, Zira, Randall Boggs, Hopper,Ratigan, Yzma, Captain Hook and I know I’m going to get flamed over this but Frollo Again no live action villains or at least give them a separate list Just don’t mash them in with animated ones Kay.