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  1. What is the name of the MLP App music when you're going to purchase Gems?
  2. I'm Christian, I don't agree with homosexuality but I don't care what you do either, I don't care what others do
  3. What do you Peeps think of a Console MLP game? I think they should make an MLP console game, where you can choose one of the mane 6 to do a story mode in an open world Equestria and have a online option where u make your own pony and play games with others. Would you buy it? What console would u want it for? And if yes what should it have?
  4. Of course! But not in a sexual way, I find her attractive in a cute way 😍
  5. I'm my opinion I don't think there should be gay ponies on a kids show that is very neutral on all kinds of things, but yet there are so many people wanting Bon Bon and Lyra to be lesbians, are people being For real or just joking??
  6. I like it, I'm pretty bummed out nothing ever happened 😕 it really was a waste of a good addition to the movie
  7. I'm in the U.S. Army Reserves, kinda gothic, love video games and watch MLP thanks to my girlfriend
  8. Yeah unfortunately I do believe there is an agenda going on with the "Left" (Not trying to be political) but they try to hide all the bad they're doing, btw I'm New Here I'm glad to talk to other MLP fans :)