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  1. It's cool Keep it up and you will do really great songs. By the way, I used to compose songs too. I was making gaming videos on Youtube and in order not to get a copyright claim I used my own songs. It was taking lots of time. Unfortunately, I didn't know about So, it's a big library of free songs which can be used for videos, ads, and so on.
  2. It's very well written. I myself can't write an essay on the same level of quality. Usually, I go here and ask for help with essays. Although, I try to improve my writing skills.
  3. High school was awesome for me. Lots of friends, easy tasks, much free time. When I entered college an easy life got over and a student life began. Essays, reports, coursework, other papers. Thankfully, I found help with research papers on It saved so much of my free time.
  4. My teachers hate my essays too. I just can't write them properly. And you know what? I don't want to. Like, my major is math. I don't need it. Listen, if you don't want to have troubles with your teacher then try this out. They can help to do your essays without any problems. I've used their services a couple of times and I'll definitely will again.
  5. Good luck with datings! I myself got tired of them. The last break up was pretty severe and I don't want to start new relationships so early. Actually, I decided to take a break. And to relax I go to webcam sites. Read here about one such site. I hope that I won't spend much time on them. But I don't know when I will feel better after getting parted.
  6. You are really good at writing reviews I must admit. Can I hire you for some of my college book reviews lol? Because I just can't handle those without using some additional resources... Wish I were as good as you at writing.
  7. Between two evils I choose neither... Well, actually, here I chose PC over consoles. I have a PS4 but since I upgraded my computer I turn on the console only for big releases. I have a decent gaming desk, good earbuds, top hardware. And the next time when I'll play PS4 is the release of TLoU Part 2.
  8. Hopefully, it was great! I happened to be in Moscow only once. It was during the World Cup. I didn't expect this city to big that big and interesting. Moscow historical places are so many that you aren't able to visit as much as you want even if you stay there for a month.
  9. It looks cute :3 Someday I'll do something with my poor bathroom. But for now, I want to do something with my bedroom. I'm reading about interior design and collect different options.
  10. It looks cute and nice actually. Although, it would be better if they started thinking of upgrading their delivery services because they can't do their job on time quite often. That's not my mistake, you know I check zip codes and addresses here Don't know why but some packages are being delayed from time to time.
  11. I agree with you. People, fans, sportsmen forgot about the true Olympic spirit (at least it looks like so). They care about the show, they want wins, panem et circenses. But the Olympics are about uniting communities, forgetting problems. Although, I wouldn't blame other tournaments. They have other goals. I really like tennis and golf. I even play the second one. But it turned out that besides one golf-club you should get more gear. Here I found the best golf GPS watches. More precisely, reviews on the best models. Decent gadgets actually. So, my point is that comparing conventional tournaments with the Olympics isn't correct. What's important we have to recall what the Games were invented originally and recreated for.
  12. I wouldn't say that working on postal services is easy. You have to keep in mind a lot of things, remember zip codes. Thankfully, on this site it easy to find codes by an address or just on a map.
  13. I've always wanted to visit Anaheim. You are a lucky person Maybe one day I'll be there. On my upcoming vacations, I'll visit Myrtle Beach Resorts. I found out about them when I bumped into this page with a live stream from this place.
  14. Sometimes it happens because of incorrect work of antivirus software. I have similar issues several times. Or you can have malware that uses lots of resources. So, try to use another soft. Choose between bitdefender vs avast. I find them decent.