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  1. As said on my previous status update,

    I've been doing some Gacha Life edits. And my current series is Ever After High remake. 

    So, here's Apple White!


    1. Aribts123



      I love it so much well done

    2. Off With Your Head
  2. am I obsessed with Wonder now....?






  3. I just learned how to use a stabilizer when drawing, yippee!

    No wonder my lines were, uneven.

  4. Found it on my activities page. Here are some of my earliest posts. Not quite far back, just March 2019, because I'm a 2019 member!
  5. Am I seeing a potato? I love potatoes! Keep up the fair work, dear friend!
  6. Oh, no no no. I checked your name history and doesn't ring a bell. Glad to meet you, btw. @McFlurryMaddie is my past self, btw, before I changed my username to a more spooky one,
  7. Been playing some Minecraft this morning and though these were pretty awesome shots. This server's Halloween lobby is wicked! (Can I say the name? Or is it advertising? I'm sorry, I'm a wee bit unsure.)




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    2. FeatherStream


      hmm alright i can try it i just made a new fresh start account on there Tiny_Orbit :3 

    3. Off With Your Head

      Off With Your Head

      Yippee! I'll add you as my friend right away!

    4. Off With Your Head
  8. Hiya ponies! So today, I though I'd post my first shaded gacha life edit! Well, it's not like, amazing, but I finally learnt how to shade hair! I think the lighting is a wee bit over the top, but I'll be fixing that! Oh, and if you're wondering, this is a remake of Raven Queen, the main protagonist of Ever After High. Pity the show ended though. I used to love it! @Aribts123 must love this! :ph3ar:


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    2. Off With Your Head

      Off With Your Head

      Ohhh!! I forgot all about our final test this year. Ah, classic me. Thanks for reminding me though! :sassy:

    3. Aribts123
    4. Tacodidra


      Hi, my friend! :D It looks very nice! :yay:

  9. Yeah, I'll have to admit, diaries are, well, dying in this modern age where they are replaced by social medias, etc. where you could express your feelings in a more "open" manner. The purpose of a diary is mainly to express feelings you don't feel secure telling other people. A diary is like a friend who is willing to listen to anything and not give away a single word. Well, that is unless you let someone else read your diary. But anyways. As to answer, yes, I do still use a diary. As I have stated above, I use it to write down what I'm feeling. Keeping a diary keeps me occupied. Sometimes I even read past diary entries aloud to myself and find myself cracked up just in a matter of seconds. Writing in a diary keeps me calm and takes away some of the pressure from me. I like it so much, though I don't really write everyday. I just write in the "big" stuff that took place in my life. Not like I write every single things in.
  10. Hiya there @DizzyDown! Cool pone in your avatar! Is that your O/C? Did you draw it yourself? Ehem, anyways, I wish you a wonderful time here! And make loads of friends! Just, if you're feeling rather bored and want to chat with somepony, then don't hesitate sending me a PM anytime! I'll be replying!