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  1. Just listening to the Satirists Love Song.
  2. I think I've used it like twice, don't recall why. I think it just gave the option and I thought, "Hey, safe mode. Cool." Something like that.
  3. Across the road at my Grandparents house there was a manual for Luigi's Mansion that I would constantly re read. Just the manual though the game itself, or indeed a gamecube on which to play it, was nowhere to be found. . I would always wonder about how incredible Luigi's mansion must be to have such a cool manual. I eventually lost the manual and I never played the original though I did like Dark Moon. When I got the third one out of the library my joycon started drifting so it was almost impossible to play, but I do hope to try it again some day now that the joycon has been fixed.
  4. Eh, why not? I throw my nonexistent hat into the ring. Woo.
  5. Smacked upside the head with my drawing tablet, I guess.
  6. I Don't Particularly Like Greek Food, I'd Rather Reread Artemis Fowl: The Junior Novelization It would have one of those little stickers on it that says, "Now a major motion picture", which some bright fellow would have stuck on it as some sort of weird meta joke or something. It would be like that.
  7. I have submitted my singing thing as well, woo.
  8. Granted, but "the world" happens to be mars I wish for a mandarin orange that tastes nice
  9. I don't remember exactly, but I probably thought he was pretty rad. At least Discordant Harmony was the only episode I watched in season 7 until I watched the rest recently.
  10. I am an innocent bystander, totally.