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  1. Met lee tockar today 😁


  2. Off to my first ponycon Griffish isles I’m nervicited :-D 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. well watched the final season premiere yesterday and have to say it was pretty emotional knowing it was the last one of this gen. but despite that they still kept the funny up to high standards especially when rainbow mentioned the fact that celestia and luna don't do anything anyway B) I feel like this season is going to be one big emotional rollercoaster of friendship but by the looks of things it's also going to be the most epic!!

  5. Garfield because who couldn't resist that face
  6. Thank you all for your kind welcomes im really happy to be here
  7. hello I finally get status updates its time to spam you all with my grace and glory and of course ponies _vector_insane_twilight_by_aruigus808-d5bz5hf.thumb.png.d53be67169ff288d408c3a03dd7c71d4.png

  8. my favourites are between a kirin tale and time to be awesome
  9. Don't really know if there are anymore yet because my profile isn't fully functional yet but I would love to use twilights pudding face in one of my posts
  10. I know lol I got into the show back in season 4 but have only just joined a site ahahaha
  11. so hears the story I was having a hard time when people were doing my kitchen and there was lots of loud banging I don’t like loud noises as I have autism and I came across this movie on Netflix about a pony that becomes human so I thought I’d watch it because it would distract me from the noise and I thought it would be a laugh So I watched it and loved the characters and how they were as humans and the voices and colours to conclude I really enjoyed it. Then I found out there was this whole series about these colourful ponies so watched it while they were still doing my kitchen and hey presto I was hooked