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  1. I agree with the previous observation. I would also add, try to narrow the neck a bit, it is usually in the range of the center of the eyes. Although I draw ponies of the 2 months , I can say that with practice you will understand how to draw and everything will be very beautiful ( I drew a pony very bad at the beginning, but with practice everything has changed ).
  2. Do you need criticism?
  3. Some more drawings. A little about criticism, if you do not like the way they look, or some part of the body, then write. I'm not upset, it is important for me to know what to fix and what to work on. I hope for your honesty. Await the critics. Open Spoiler.
  4. that's what it means to know bad english, try to show and explain the figure shows how to emphasize the bold line contours (bold purple color): On your art a mix of ponies, which, in my opinion, does not look very beautiful.
  5. I think it would be more beautiful if you traced the contours
  6. I think it is very good. I would love to read Chapter 2. I had a few questions while reading: 1) Why didn't the Princess move and drag the magic books ? 2) Why Princess chose a pony from Ponyville, not from another? ( if it appears in the course of the story, please do not spoiler).I may have missed something, if so, I'm sorry.In General, it turned out well.
  7. Most guys have a straight chin, and the girls are rounded. There is an eraser, do not be afraid to try)
  8. Spike was beautiful. I think with practice and effort you will get better and better. On account of the Rainbow Dash make it a "chin" is rounded, not straight, will be more beautiful.👍
  9. Good job, especially I liked the walking staff and the clothes. Face looks like Barbie. It must be your style that looks beautiful. I'd rather look at him not as a centaur, but as a pony.
  10. Thank you very much, very nice. You give me strength.
  11. Thanks. It really gives motivation and confidence)
  12. Waiting for new works and new characters. Very beautiful work. Is there anyone from Mane6 in the same style?
  13. Preface: I don't know English well, I partially used a translator. Moderator, if I broke any rules, I apologize. I read the rules, tried to follow them. About a month ago I decided to learn how to draw and started with a pony.I would like to learn how to draw a pony well.Please criticize the drawings, tell me what are the flaws and mistakes. Who is good at drawing ponies, give advice. Latest work: Head: Body: Await the critics. Update 30.03.2019 I would like to share with you my achievements and demonstrate that if you try to do it differently, the main thing is the desire to learn. Will show you the work in the beginning of my drawing (never drawing ). At the beginning: After 1.5 months: