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  1. Greetings All, I have a new OC to share here. I created him as part of a project to run a sort of ask blog where I'll give my opinions on various MLP FiM topics His Name is Fenrik Copper, a fox from beyond the borders of Equestria. He is an adventurer and traveler, always looking for something or someplace new. He is a bit wary of Ponies, especially Unicorns and Alicorns as his people, The Red Fox Clan, do not have magic. This has lead them to seek out technology and anything that could protect them from magic if needed. Should Ponies approach and show him friendship, he'd be likely to return that friendship. cautiously at first but opening up over time. It's rumored that he's been further than any other member of the Red Fox Clan and may have found doors to other worlds may be true. He is very protective of his gear and his transportation.
  2. I play on android and have no issue with ads for free power ups. It is sometimes a bit slow to offer it but it does come up. Might be a server issue.
  3. Been playing it for a while, enjoy the heck out of it. Right now, Flurry Heart is the beast of my pony crew, she is my highest level pony and giving her a projectile boost makes her a gatling gun! Working on leveling up some of the others but it does take time. Fun game through.
  4. Here is my small collection. My Vinyl and Octavia with my two plushies, a Vinyl and Rarity. My Trixie and Princess Twilight, Time Turner (Doctor Whooves), Derpy and my K-9 My Applejack, Rarity and Maud PIe. My EQG minis, AJ, Rarity, Photo Finish and Twilight Sparkle, and my Rarity and Lyra ponies. Yes, Lyra is very happy being with the minis. One more, need to get a photo, I have a Daring Do that sits on my desk next to my monitor to remind me to write.
  5. People are seriously leaving before G5? That is ridiculous. After the end of G4, we're on to a new adventure with new characters and who knows what will happen. I'm all for the unknown adventure we have waiting for us.
  6. I like Sunset. She went through a proper redemption. At the end of Equestria Girls, she is forgiven by Twilight and the human mane 5 but she still had to deal with the fallout at the school. She had to earn the respect of the school again. Over time, she was welcomed back into the school society and became a part of the Human Mane 6. She reached out to Sci-Twi when she needed her. Sunset is a great character and I loved to see where she goes in the future.
  7. I agree, both Starlight and Trixie have more on their plates to deal with, past issues, insecurities and other bad habits they are trying to curb. I find them both enjoyable and I love that Trixie was the first friend outside of the Mane 6 Starlight made as they bonded over their past and their flaws (Maud and Starlight is equally fun). Starlight is having to learn what the Mane 6 has taken for granted for a long time, how friendship works, being in general society and such. I've had those issues as well, though not to the whole enslave a village or destroy the world level (not as of yet). There will always be those who hate a character for some reason or another. I've read the posts here and to be honest, those who hate her do so for personal reasons. The whole debate on Imprisonment vs Rehabilitation was rather facinating and as someone in the US, I can agree that Rehabilitation would be the better course as the revolving door system of prison we have just ain't cutting it. Starlight is where she needs to be, with friends, those who are supporting her new path and a place for her to grow. I like her alot and hope to see more of her in the future. Heck, I might try my hand at doing some starlight fanfiction.
  8. Soo, going back over a pair of episodes, it seems that the Ponies of Equestria have Swear Words! In Flutter Brutter, our dear Flutters utters the word peeved. A near by mare covers a filly's ears and Dash has a shocked look on her face as Flutters covers her mouth and apologizes. In Dungeons and Discord, Opposite Flutters calls Opposite Discord Sassafras and when they return to normal, she is covering her mouth again! This points to the fact that there are pony swears, Flutters knows them and begs a question, what other innocuous words in our lexicon are swear words in theirs? Do they have seven words you're not to say?
  9. It's a shame to see a forum go through that kind of decline. I've lost a few forums over time (topics other than MLP) due to slow decline or issues with founders and admins. I found this site by pure accident and love that it's here and I have a place to begin to share ideas. Just not sure how to as of yet (proper places for some topics and the like).
  10. Don't apologize for taking time, this is a big site and I'm sure you and the other admins and mods have to be swamped at times. To answer your question: I'd like to share my designs and seek feedback as I am not sure how to host an RPG via the net yet.
  11. Just a side note, I do have an MLP FiM Isekai that features four humans over the course of the story, their links to each of the Pony Species and their growing abilities.
  12. My friends and I, especially when we are trying to complete missions and such.
  13. I was thinking about getting Bronies together via Consoles. I'm an Xbox player myself and it would be a great way for people to meet up and talk while playing games together.
  14. He's still a work in progress as I can't draw for anything and used the old Pony Generator to get a base form to work with. That and I don't have the 3D pony base form for Poser to do proper pony renders with. Name: Silvered Gears Age: Late 30's Gender: Male Pony Type: Unicorn Appearance: A brownish red unicorn with black mane and tail streaked with white and dark eyes behind glasses. Personality: Inquisitive and inventive Hobbies and Interests: Inventing, designing new tech to improve the Equestrian Lifestyle Background: An inventor and designer, Silvered is constantly pushing the edge of what is allowed in the use of magic and technology. He is somewhat obsessed with what he calls Mage Tech as he has found references in very old, fractured manuscripts. This does have him under Celestia's careful gaze as she is unsure of what he might be able to do, but she finds his work fascinating. Cutie Mark is three gears on a shield, I did a rough render of a concept of what it might look like. Not the final form but it's a start. More data on Silvered Gears After an experiment went wrong, in a way that shouldn't have happened, he lost his left eye and left front leg. Not one to be held back, he built replacements using technology he called Augmetics. Designs he was planning on offering to crippled ponies. Having proved it worked he still found push against his plans. Princess Luna is his patron as she finds his work fascinating and she dislikes seeing ponies suffer. It will take time for his designs to be approved. No updated image as the Pony Generator only allows soo much, I can't draw and I don't have a 3D pony figure for Poser to attempt such a render. I'll work on that in the near future.