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  1. I have been a straight-A student my entire life, but I actually got expelled in middle school for a variety of reasons which are a bit too personal to delve into here It was a pretty fun experience, tbh. Even more so considering my family had my back during the whole ordeal. A few months later the entire school shut down permanently lol. No jk.
  2. I tell people on the internet all the time, because I crave attention and negative reactions are usually more entertaining than positive ones. Also zero risk is involved. IRL, I only tell very close friends and family members because I am fully aware that people knowing you're a ponyfag "in the REAL" is likely to get you lynched in the street, yo.
  3. I could write a book on the reasons why I "joined the fandom". But, for the sake of convenience, I'll give you the super short version devoid of 95% of the details and context: I joined the community because I wanted to gain the knowledge necessary to troll bronies & pony haters alike. Luckily for me, I was quite successful in this regard. The reason I stuck around was because the show shocked me with its rapidly ascending quality. I never intended to unironically become obsessed with MLP, but that's just what ended up happening. I started watching S1 all the way back in late 2011. At the time, I considered it to be "ok". Nothing amazing, but the characters were super cute, the writing was witty, and I wanted to become familiar enough with the character motivations, general plot progressions, and world building elements that way I could effectively piss off the bronies without them dismissing me as a mere pony hater. Sometime around mid-S2, I felt a genuine temptation to drop the series altogether. While exceptions like Return of Harmony or Sisterhooves Social impressed on all fronts, the general lack of fluidity in many other episodes, particularly in relation to the poor dialogue and voice direction, left even the most basic of character interactions feeling forced and decidedly bereft of that charm and wit present in S1. I think it was Baby Cakes in particular that had me with one foot out the door. I forget specifically what it was that made me stay and give the show one last chance, but I am SO fucking glad I did. S3, while short as hell, was a major step in the right direction, as far as I am concerned. It felt like a marriage between the strengths of both S1 & S2, but avoided the majority of their shortcomings. Somehow Season 3 managed to take Boast Busters (my all time least favorite episode of S1) and followup with Magic Duel (the first episode in the entire series I would give a 10/10) And yes, I fucking LOVED Magical Mystery Cure too, not to mention Twilight's much deserved ascent to God-hood. S4 was basically S3 on steroids. Bigger, better, ironed out all the kinks, and had the best 2-parters in the entire series. And then came Season 5... What can I even say about this season that would do it justice? Absolutely anything I type here would be an insult to the cinematographic and literary masterpiece that is S5. So, I won't say anything... well except for this one last sentence: After watching through the entirety of S5, I knew there was absolutely no way I'd even consider dropping the series ever again. *********** So that's my story in a nutshell, lol. Seasons 6~8 have been thoroughly enjoyable over these past few years. Sure, nothing approaching S5 territory of awesome, but still great nonetheless. I'd rank the seasons as follows: 5>>4>6>7=8>3>1>>2. I anticipate the final season with bated breath, and will likely watch G5 once it airs as well.
  4. I'm not really all that familiar with G1, but these don't exactly strike me as "baby" ponies, OP. Perhaps fillies, but not legit babies. Disturbing humorous nonetheless, but my point still stands ^What I'm more disturbed by is the simple interaction between ponies and humans. Shit is weird af. (Jesus, I really hope they leave humans out of G5... *shudders*)
  5. I think it's realistic for the Princesses to use their magic to form an oxygen bubble around themselves thereby facilitating extended survivability in space... maybe for like an hour at maximum though, lol. Might I ask what prompted the inquiry, OP? Are you perhaps fantasizing about DBZ-esque space battles in the Season 9 finale? If so, I can completely relate. ^^;
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    477 Just curious, who made it? I tried a reverse image search to no avail
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    479 @TigerGeekGuy Jesus fucking Christ that signature is intense, bro o,o;
  8. I definitely feel that way. But I kinda like being a girly dude, so i don't really have an issue with it lol. I think it's kinda fucked up that if you're a straight male suddenly you're "not allowed" to like girly stuff, even though straight women are usually celebrated if they're interested in more masculine things. And no one bats an eye if a gay dude likes girly shit; pisses me off bro. ^Look at how cute and girly this is for the love of God. Inject it into my veins, yo! ( -.-)/)
  9. *sigh*

    I'm not really thrilled that you felt the need to lock my thread, but i suppose I understand where you are coming from. Your assertion that "it's likely to lead down a bad road" is clearly founded in reality considering that in a mere 6 replies it was already going in that direction (which is unfortunate). I apologize for overstepping my bounds.

    Nonetheless, thank you for your respectful choice of words upon closing the thread.

  10. You could have told me these were screens ripped straight from the source material and I wouldn't have questioned it for a second.
  11. Woah, why so passive aggressive, dude? My intention was not to project anything onto you; I was merely curious as to why you care so much about her being "underaged".
  12. Well in the instance of my latest obsession with Ocellus I would say her age is relatively circumstantial. As in, it does not play a major role into why I'd wanna see "pr0n" of her as much as some OTHER characters who most assuredly are also underaged. Ocellus herself is, what, a young teen as far as Changeling years go? I'd imagine her age is somewhat similar to that of her clique of friends, all of whom I assume are roughly 14~16 (again, using human years as a basis for comparison). Just how young do you think she is? I think it's safe to say she seems slightly younger than the rest of her friends (which adds to the "innocence" factor, especially in the presence of a contrasting personality like Gallus'). Now, I'm not gonna play Mr. Innocent here. As I mentioned before there are other characters who I like quite a lot (who are also underaged). Sweetie Belle is just plain sexy. Judge me all ya want, but that's just how I feel about her. Same goes for Cozy Glow, although, that has a bit more to do with the incredible juxtaposition of her cute/ cuddly facade, and her insidious, manipulative, potentially even sadistic tendencies. When I saw this scene in particular, I squee'd myself to death. I do find it a bit odd that you seem to be so hung up over a fictional character's age, though >.>
  13. I am so glad you have not changed that God-like avatar, bro. Everytime I see it, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3

    1. Steve Piranha

      Steve Piranha

      Well, I only changed it once. I used to have a Mario 64 piranha plant with the usual caption. I changed it about a year later because I thought the piranha plant puppets were cute :mlp_icwudt:. I’m not the type who has the habit to change avatars :LunaMCM:

  14. Pretty much this. But to clarify further, what I'm asking here is why the traits I highlighted above have not been utilized to fully capitalize on Ocellus' potential within the realm of r34 & clopfics, etc. I'm not merely asking "why doesn't she have more pr0n", more along the lines of "why is the pr0n of her that does exist not taking advantage of her strongest suits". I hope it's not necessary for me to spell out what I'm referring to here... >.> ^I'm sure you can put "two" and "two" together if I narrow it down like so~