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  1. I have to admit, Cozy glow really grew on me, after season 8 she was one of my least favorite antagonists but after season 9 and getting used to her I started to really like her, right now she is my favorite out of the legion of doom.
  2. Nightmare moon seems like the best option, she would make a very selfish ruler but at least you would have your magic and some free will. Chrysalis would have caused the extinction of pony kind, others total slavery and\or mind control or some different kind of devastation since magic will be taken out. Nightmare is actually the villain with the clearest motives, she is not just power hungry and want slaves.
  3. Agreed, the SK was pretty flat but he had more flare and did more than POS, who other than having a cool design was lame. I dislike her as well, but I think she was written well and was effective in her role, she is the kind of villain you suppose to hate. These 2 are definitely my least favorite antagonists(actually characters overall) as well. Personally, I did not care much for Garble, I didn't like nor dislike him, he was just there for me so when he was reformed I didn't really care. On counterair, I enjoyed DT & SS more, while they were pretty awful while they were still active in the show, I kinda enjoyed watching them.
  4. There were many antagonists in the series, but who were in your opinion the worst? You can look at it from a writing perspective(preferably not because "they were redeemed and I hate" or something like this) or vote depending on whom you simply dislike the most. I made 2 polls, 1 for major villains, 1 for regular SOL antagonists. Sine there are so many antagonists I chose just the ones I see mentioned the most. If you have other suggestions you can mention them. Obviously, supporting characters are not to be included, if you choose a character that was reformed, refer to the period they were still antagonistic.
  5. We do know that in equestria's time line was a real grogar, we just never met him. I myself, was hoping for a great battle against grogar, but what we got was just as satisfyingly in my opinion.
  6. They wanted someone intimidating to make the villains work together, and since fans wanted to see grogar in the show for so long, it was a great opportunity. Going with a villain that many fans already had some idea on what he is helped build up the hype, personally I think it was a good idea.
  7. MLP didn't have such a despicable villain, even the most dangerous villains are charming in their own ways and to various degrees entertaining. As was already said above, the most disliked villains are usually the realistic ones, since people like that exist in real life, and at times each of us have to deal with them. Personally, the antagonists I dislike the most for their personality are the flim flam brothers, usually I like antagonists a lot, but these 2 just rub me the wrong way and they are not entertaining enough to make it up for it(I also dislike 2 of their 3 songs).
  8. AJ definitely has stronger hind legs while the front ones are debatable(RD did beat her in hoof wrestling in S1 although in the majority power related confrontations they seem tied or AJ has an advantage). Overall, I will give the edge to the apple mare.
  9. There is a synopsis and cover images revealed about it.
  10. For me its a tie between "Spike at your service" and "Yakity sax". Spike is abducted by a changeling in one and in the other pinkie is really badly handled(the others were not at their best too). I guess, maybe they had a thing or two working for them but overall, I really dislike these episodes.
  11. I believe it depends on how powerful he and his opponent is. For example he couldn't take the alicorn magic before he stole a ton before, he also started with unicorns before going for other races. So if we are talking him up against a powerful foe and tirek is in his weak or second form he won't win.
  12. Discord, however if we are talking about combat magic, than Sombra, if we count tirek in season 4 after he stole all this magic than its 100% him. Not when she was evil, twilight and starlight exhausted each other in their duel, while twi could hold her own only with the other princesses magic against tirek in S4, and her magic alone wasn't enough to stop sombra. Not to mention she lost to chrysalis in the finale. But yeah, at times she is a bit to OP, especially in minor episodes.
  13. What does "the darkest" villain even means? How do you measure it? Is it their personality, how they come to become evil, their situation, their goals, their actions, looks? The creepiest villain was chrysalis, but starlight had the potential to be on top. The cruelest, maybe sombra? He did enslave the crystal ponies and messed with their minds, than he did the same to ponyvile and canterlot while also destroying the elements. He is probably the most sadistic, although chrysalis and cozy glow definitely gave him a run for his money(they are arguably crueler). Also, we know what he would with the ponies after he won, unlike the other villains(starlight's is messed up too, arguably even worse), I mean what the villain trio would have done with the citizens? Cozy is definitely crazy, and the fact that she is a child(or not, maybe she just looks like a kid) and she enjoys being evil makes her pretty dark. Chrysalis, being a parasitic bug and all that is pretty dark too. Tirek is the most competent villain but we can't say he is particularly dark. Despite being disappointing the storm king, with his goals and what he and his army did was pretty dark too.
  14. This is considered offense of the highest order. A banishment to the moon will be considered merciful.