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  1. It might be a reason why they decided to retire.
  2. One of her character traits is that she knows how to put a facade, she controls her emotions much better then her sister or twilight. If she kept all of those feeling regarding lunas banishment for 1000 years under wraps and ruled a kingdom as their beloved princess and not going nuts, it needs to be something nuts to turn her evil.
  3. From what he said, it seems they will finally play upon some great ideas and theories that brought up during the series and never answered.
  4. Well, we can't really tell, we need to remember that celestia is very level headed even if she oversees some things. Daybreaker is the manifestation of her ego, like if during her rule she just realized she does not need anypony else, that she can rule everything herself without caring about others. Overall, while it has potential because she is so cool and powerful, for celestia character its better that she did not turn evil
  5. It was a great interview, he brought a lot of interesting things up, hopefully the comics live up to the hype.
  6. Oh, alright, I thought it was part of the siege of the crystal empire. thanks for the info An interview with jeremy. Some really 8nteresting things have been mentioned, like tempest and discord interacting, big mac and rockhoof having hoof wrestle and he said that the season 10 will be spread for about 2 years.
  7. Thanks, while I didn't like what he did with the characters in the siege of the crystal empire, but his writing was fine. The FIENDship issue is with the reflective mirror world? The rest are indeed pretty good although I barely remember anything from the tempest comics, but I did enjoy it.
  8. Nightmare moon is my second most favorite villain, mostly for her personality and motivation. Unlike many other villains who wants to rule just because she actually has a reason. Daybreaker was awesome, but in order to make her a real villain they needed to come up with some good reason. If they came with this concept sooner she could have been real in her fight with NMM or at some point during her rule, but alas it was not to be.
  9. Pretty much. Its issue 89, its not a separate comic series, although they are all set after twilights coronation.
  10. I like tempest as well, even though I think she defeated the princesses too easily. If it turned out that she was just using the storm king and was the real villain in the movie, then she would be arguably the best villain in the show, but she was very cool nonetheless.
  11. They will be exploring the zebra lands! This is a nice premise for the season 10 in comics, hopefully it delivers.
  12. I would say nightmare moon remindes me of maleficent, but with that reference in episode 2 its pretty obvious. Tirek and starlight are probably the most competent villains, although chrysalis is way overconfident and self destructive at times she is pretty smart and a good strategist, she did capture all the main characters. Thrice.