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  1. As much as I would like to say RD, I have to give it to twilight.
  2. I once said to someone jokingly: "uhh. So much black, we get it, your sad". At times a quote lines from the show but not intentionally, I just realise it later.
  3. Yeah I would have liked to see that as well, maybe they could have made tempest an earth pony instead of a unicorn(an earth pony with physical strength and great fighting capabilities?). Maybe make an earth pony control wild life(like gloriosa). I hope if in G5 there are pony races than that they nerf the unicorn so we can have a balanced field. If we take out the big bads, the show had some earth pony and pegasus antagonists though, like: Lightning Dust, Suri Polomare, Dr. Caballeron, Wind Rider, Diamond Tiara and some others. And yeah cozy was a nice addition to the big bads, and if she was portrayed as a teenager or adult she would definitely be one of the most liked villains by far, maybe even the most beloved above cheese legs(or discord when he was a villain).
  4. I like them both, but starlight more. SG was the much better villain and I would still say she is the better supporting character of the two(albeit she is a bit mad, especially in season 6 but I guess that is one of the reasons I love her).
  5. Ponyfied scene from "The Prince of Egypt", the song "The plagues"(let my people go), boy did this song stuck in my head. Twilight Sparkle as Moses and Tempest as Rameses.
  6. It changes from to time, but here the least as it stands: 1. RD, Luna, Lightning dust and Sombra 5. Scootaloo 6. Fluttershy\AJ 8. Trixie\Starlight\Twilight After the top 4, the rest are depending on my mood and other aspects,they are interchangeable.
  7. No way, it was a big mistake... Discord can't you do something about this travesty?! Seriously, of course she deserved it, maybe they could have built it up a bit more, but she deserved to become a princess and eventually the "queen".
  8. RD and AJ were my favorites in the first few episodes than RD went ahead and stayed there. At some point luna, sombra and lightning dust joined her at the top.
  9. We don't know for sure what the target audience will be, maybe it will will target slightly older audience than FIM(if thats the case not by much through thats for sure), although I am not sure if its actually a good thing, G4 was targeted for little girls yet became so successful thanks to the heart that was put into it and the characters(Although that might open options that FIM didn't have, so the potential is definitely there). For good things you need to wait sometimes(hopefully G5 delivers).
  10. So apparently they are coming back.
  11. Well, at least we will have a movie and a special before the series starts, could be worse. It shows that they put effort into it, so I am optimistic about it. Regarding S2 of PL, I don't see how its a bad thing. Personally, I don't really like it, but its better than nothing and if you hate it so you can just ignore it. If anything, its very plausible that PL S2 exist to fill the bridge between now and the movie. Can you remind me, did the leaks mention when Season 1 of G5 starts?
  12. Going by the information we do. I am really interested to see how the special will play part in it. Maybe it will be this special instead of the usual premier in the beginning of every season?
  13. According to EqD, from a russian source, Pony Life gets a second season, than G5 starts with a movie in late 2021, than we have a 44 minutes special, and in the second half of 2022 we get G5 S1 which will continue till first half of 2023, and than in late 2023 we get S2. Really happy to hear some news on G5, hopefully it will be just as good as G4.
  14. My rankings: 1) Kirins- Need more kirin 2) Unicorns\Pegasi 4) Dragons 5) Earth Ponies 6) Griffins 7) Changelings(I like the originals better) 8) Hippogriffs 9) Changedlings 10) Buffalo 11) Breezies 12)The rest of animals and less explored species 13) Yaks- I really dislike them, by far my least favorite species, the only yak I am okay with is yona.