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  1. Starlight knows how to do it, although its probably a bad idea. Otherwise the closest they come to answer this question is the cutie pox and how twilight magiced some CM on applebloom in season 1(but they instantly disappeared).
  2. Some things they really wanted to let the fans do their thing and leave part to our imagination, some they were afraid to tackle and some they didn't want to or didn't think about(you can call it lazy or that they couldn't bring it and tie it into an episode, and of course some things hasbro did not allow them to do).
  3. It was a very common fan theory, so its nothing ground breaking but cool that he addressed it. I actually like it that the females and males are not too different(other then the celestial one).
  4. Other then pinkie x cheese(for the main characters at least) the other couples are implied, you can take it whatever way you like. Even though I ship AJ and RD, I am not sure I can really take it canonically.
  5. So cozy might not be a filly? Anyway, some interesting facts he stated.
  6. Well, she did appear in the background in the episode "the gift of maud pie", and she looked alright. They either exposed her as a fraud or she simply had to take a new assistance she can boss around. Maybe she even learned her lesson and moved on. I think its the she kept doing what she did before, you can't change everyone.
  7. I never really thought of trying to make a chronological order for the series, but its really well done here. Although, I like to imagine that lesson zero happened shortly after discords break out, so she kinda had a trauma and tried to be extra organized.
  8. Some of these episodes are pretty much tied, I loce them equally but for different reasons. 1-3. Road to friendship, It isn't the mane thing about you and for whom the sweetie belle toils- 9\10, really lovable episodes with great comedy intrigue and with the whom sweetie belle toils also a bit dark(with the creepy nightmare luna put SB through). Raritys hair design was amazing and whats not to like about starlight and trixie episodes? 4-5. A dog and pony show and the fault in our cutie marks- 8\10,really fun episodes. 6. The one where pinkie pie knows- 7\10, Its a nice slice of life episode. Pitting your hoof down and dragon dropped are decent episodes but they are definitely below average episodes(for this show)
  9. Top 5: The beginning of the end- best 2 parter in the series. The ending of the end- the best finale in the series The last problem- amazing end to the series, couldn't have asked for something better. Frenemies- a villains episode! The last crusade or between dark and down bottom 5: Uprooted- its not terrible, but I didn't like it. The last laugh- very disappointing episode Sweat and smokey- its pretty mediocre Dragon droped- its decent 2,4,6, greaaat or trivial pursuit- I like both episodes, but there are a lot better ones. Its was a great season, I would say there were 4 or 5 10\10 episodes, 6 or 7 9\10 episodes, 2 8\10 episdoes, 6 or 7 7\10 episodes, 2 or 3 6\10, 1 5\10 and another 1 of 4\10. One of the best seasons, if not the best. Definitely up there with seasons 5 and 7.
  10. The show features a lot of amazing episodes and it isn't easy to pick a few episodes(usually when I try I end up with different results), although some episodes are kinda just exactly what I wanted so I am biased towards them. A royal problem- every thing about this episode is amazing, its just perfect. From the intro, twilight creepy but funny and cute ballerina musical box and her freak outs in the episode, starlight struggles, luna grumpiness, celestias character development, nightmare moon makes an appearence even if its not really real and of course daybreaker is such a fun villain it was so much fun watching this battle, the way daybreaker roasted her sister("so much Blake, we get it, you're sad, you can really use some sun!" is one of the greatest lines I have ever heard). Starlights nightmare was written perfectly it was so satisfying to watch(the pancakes that celly made saying what she told starlight, starlight falling into the flowers luna puts every night and her turning into the ballerina while twilight is yelling at her with the sun and moon in her eyes) and lunas nightmare was great too. Such a clever whriting. I watched this episode easily over 100 times, its too good. The perfect pear The beginning of the end- Best 2 parter ever. Amending fances Lesson zero As for the worst episode, there are very few episodes I hate so: Yakity sax- the less said the better Spike in your service- I barely managed to watch this episode, and the next few times did not make it easier. Not asking for trouble Party pooped The end in friend\ Non compete clause I only hate the first 2, the rest I dislike but some parts I enjoy.
  11. She retired as a royal figure, she still had to come to some meeting and stuff as a ruler so now she won't do that anymore. Regarding the dream walking, I don't know, she probably won't keep doing that its possibly she even can't anymore. Although her job was kinda important and improved society its still nor crucial and the land survived without her for 1000 years so they will be alright.
  12. The Crusaders of the lost mark- 10\10, one of the best and most important episodes of the series, The songs are great, the story is good and the ending is emotional. This episode brings me joy every time I watch it. She talks to angle- 9\10 Wonderful episode. We finally have an episode revolving shys and her diabolic pet relationship, and its funny, I mean all what angle says as FS is hilarious. A friend in deed- 8\10 the songs is fantastic and overall a neat episode. The show stoppers- 7\10, I actually enjoy this episode Maud pie- 7\10 I think this is one of if not my least favorite episodes maud is a major character in them. Still, an interesting episode by I am not a big fun of the resolution. Buck ball season- 6\10 an OK episode, it has its moments but I can't say I really enjoy this one. daring done- 6\10 while I enjoy watching this episode the way daring do episodes kinda nerf the main characters was always an issue with me and the last act is a mess. Yakity sax- 2\10, There are very few mlp episodes I can say I actually hate, this is one of them. This episode is either the worst episode of the series or the second worst(spike at your service is the other contender) for me.
  13. Wow Well, chrysalis defeated starlight and then put her in this cell, she probebly didn't even think about it(which is in character), probebly thought they would not escape the prison with the anti magic stone and such and during the fight she didn't have the bell.