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  1. Ish. If a bunch of memos and photos are considered one, then yes. I take notes of what I did in case I needed to go back because my memory is terrible and I’m very particular of the date I took the photos and memos.
  2. Both. Depends on the purpose. Typing : If I can get my hands on any gadget and I have time, at home, or in a safe place to use such as a private car, and I want to type and organize my thoughts neatly then yes. Handwriting: If I can’t type and I need quick notes that doesn’t include wasting some seconds of just opening my phone and an app, and the danger of being robbed, plus if it’s only for noting messily.
  3. If I’m curious of the person, then yes I look at profiles. I usually check those I want to contact or those I’ve just interacted with already.
  4. To be alive and still able to eat three meals a day, a roof above me, clothing, and water, see my friends, and family - and enjoying what I can.
  5. Because they haven’t gotten the chance to make it meaningful - only you can make your pointless life into a meaningful one, that is if you believe hard enough. It starts by appreciating the small things such as simply waking up in the morning, being able to breathe, eating the food you like, and all of that - basically appreciating what you already have and continuing to build on it. If you always imagine you have nothing to lose because you feel like you’ve lost everything, then it’s the perfect time to start because you start from nothing.
  6. Never thought of how I open my bag of potato chips, but I do like to open things neatly - I even use scissors.
  7. when you don’t talk for a very long time and still continue like as if the conversation was started yesterday
  8. Yes, but I’ve already forgotten how to read notes and I haven’t been playing in a very long time.
  9. I never liked shaving so I don’t. However I can’t do that for my armpits, so I only shave when it’s dangerously long enough to be seen and catch a bad smell.
  10. Physical: My gadgets, paid apps, and of course the money that feeds me and gives me shelter etc. Emotional: My family and friends. I can’t possess them physically but they are at least in my heart.
  11. Watch videos, chat with friends, draw, daydream, pretend to fall asleep in hopes of falling asleep.