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  1. Thank you so much Cinnamon! I’m feeling welcomed already!
  2. When I got home this morning it was like London fog. I could barely see 20 feet ahead of me!
  3. I was raised in a military family so I followed the school policies too well. I didn’t nark on anyone but I was considered weird for being a ‘good boy’, never late for class or breaking rules. Although I was a mommas boy... But I think I am today, a good person, who is definitely a caring person schooling into the medical field. <3
  4. I’m a cat lover. They know have to ‘eliminate’ a bit more responsibly in my opinion.
  5. If you really just want a pair of glasses for your personal look you can find them in drugstores near the pharmacy usually... just try not to get glasses that affect your vision.
  6. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to it!!
  7. 468035 Good Morning Everyone
  8. I currently use my journal to record my day like I am writing a letter to myself... and organize my thoughts.
  9. I love pinkie so I’d have to say no Mistake, that’s not pinkie
  10. It would be awesome to share something with some great new people with an awesome community! So Hey everyone! I’m Auramune and I’m looking forward to share some time chatting with you all!