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  1. I can go from alto to deep baritone pretty easy. Though bass and soprano hurt.
  2. Banned for sending me so many pings.
  3. Before FiM ponies were from gen 4 My Little Pony.
  4. Banned for not following the one rule, which is you can only ban the person directly above you. I'm aware of the hypocrisy.
  5. No. I do not like the look of those fangs sorry.
  6. Why hello there! I really like your avatar!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Eathlin


      You know a game called Hearts of Iron? I'm on the dev team for a mod called Equestria at War. The reformisten aren't nice lads.


    3. Blivy


      OH that actually sounds really cool, though sadly I have not heard of the game.

    4. Eathlin


      It's fairly complicated though I'm proud to say that EaW has hit 30,000 players last month. The Reformisten control the kingdoms of Hellquil and Longsword who in turn border the pony River Federation. Reformisten are Griffion Supremacists who... ah... I don't think I'm allowed to say on this website.

  7. Banned for thinking that I don't accept her as the one true princess. Hail the Twilight Cult!
  8. Banned for being a conspiracy theorist.
  9. No thanks. Something, something to fill up the minimum character limit, oh! There we go!
  10. Just a question, why are the thumbnails on your store page not working?
  11. Granted, but it comes to life and kills your family. I wish for all life to end.
  12. Banned because aliens don't eat waffles.
  13. I'm enlisted right now. If I was drafted my CO would be pissed.