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  1. Yep. I talk to myself alot when I'm baking something, writing a story, or doing a task that requires intense focus. Then sometimes, I talk to myself just because... But I don't think that makes you crazy. I think it actually is helpful.
  2. Hello! I'm just a chill, easy going and friendly individual that loves MLP and making new friends. I also love reading, writing, baking, cats, chocolate, and spending time with family and friends. I can play a very little bit of each instrument below: Guitar, piano, violin, harmonica, stand-up bass, and kazoo. (That last one doesn't really take much skill as long as you can hum a tune xD) Oh, and I live on and help run a farm. Which is awesome! So, I'm more like Applejack really, I guess...complete with country accent. Lol So yep. That's me! Its nice to meet ya and I look forward to spending alot of time on here!
  3. I think you're right. I haven't seen anything other than reaction videos either.
  4. I watch it on Daily Motion. Youtube would take too long. XD
  5. The other episodes so far were awesome. I am looking forward to this episode as well. It certainly sounds promising!
  6. Hmm... How about I entertain you with a game/movie night? Watch a movie, then play games, all while munching on cookies and candy? Sounds like a great plan to me. Lol
  7. I believe life is indeed beautiful. Sure, it has its moments of grief, pain, misery. It has its lows. But there are so many things in this life that make you realize how beautiful it really is. How about when a baby takes its first breath? Or opens its eyes for the first time and sees the brand new world around it? Or what about the support and love of friends and family any time you need it? Or the wonder in a child's eyes with each new thing he learns and sees around him? How about the beat of your own heart? Yeah. There are bad spots but in spit of that, life is a beautiful thing.
  8. I loved this. The Young Six, or Student 6, whatever you want to call them, act alot like the Mane 6. Get called to do something, get in an argument, then realize that hey, hold on. This is supposed to be about Friendship. Let's resolve this peacefully now, and be friends again. And I actually believe these youngsters are being prepped to take over for the Mane 6. There are so many similarities, and the Tree has communicated with them what, 2 times? Three, technically, if you count when it saved them and empowered them to save Equestria from Cozy. Anyway, this was an awesome episode.
  9. I loved these episodes. After hearing that this was the final season, I felt that Hasbro better deliver an excellent season. So far they have. These were great episodes. I was lowkey expecting past villians to unite, and had already figured out which ones might do so. It was pretty nervewracking watching it, but it was awesome seeing how everything came together in the end.