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  1. Happy birthday even though you never come on this website anymore lol

  2. Back on here for the first time in months, How is everyone?

    1. null1


      I don't know who you are, but hello.

  3. Happy birthday even though you never come on this website anymore lol

  4. Hey! I Just started a nice oc pony ask-blog over on tumblr, why don't you go check it out? c:

    1. null123456


      *Sends Question* :D

  5. I don't even know why I come on this site these days.. it's not like I really have friends here. ._.;

  6. Feeling bored and Lonely.. :c

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    2. Rezo


      I know that feel bro :c


      Actually, I've known that feel for a long time now D:

    3. Victoria and Co.
    4. Rezo



  7. I really should do something productive...

  8. I'm booored. :c anyone wanna chat?

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    2. Victoria and Co.

      Victoria and Co.

      Balloon Party is a musical album that is FREE.

    3. GingerSpice


      Ooh, No, I haven't :o

      It's a good album, I assume?

    4. Victoria and Co.
  9. Nestled inside of the breach, was Doug and his faithful Companion Cube. Doug was working diligently on yet another therapeutic art piece, some graffiti against GLaMOS. Hearing GLaMOS's voice, the manic pony grumbled a few intelligible words, he made no sense. He heard his companion cube speak to him, of course he was crazy, so no one else could hear it. "Calm down, Doug.." Doug quickly spoke back "Fine. Fine.." He then saw in the corner of his eye noticed the hole in what he thought was a safe rat den. he looked to his cube "Did he bring in more test subjects...?" His cube responded "Indeed, Six Subjects and apparently they're so low on test subjects Cave is testing.." Doug had a perplexed look on his face as he peered an eye through the hole in breach, getting a look at the subjects.
  10. I'll go make a post now Sorry, I was just gaming and chatting with a friend who doesn't get on often. xD I GET THAT RPING IS VITAL TO SOME PEOPLE. I haven't roleplayed in months, so i'm kind of like "omg, rusty" xD
  11. Sorry, i haven't made an appearance yet because I haven't really been focusing on the internet.. I've been gaming on and off tonight.. sorry..
  12. At last your Doug Rattpony has been found. I'll play the crazy little guy. Him and his little companion cube. I assume we don't have anyone playing his companion cube, right?
  13. In the past two days, I've spent 5 dollars on games for steam. My account isn't even a year old yet, and I have almost 30 games..

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    2. Victoria and Co.
    3. GingerSpice


      I'm sure he was! ._.; I didn't buy it with Bastion, cause I already had that too.. xD I bought that back in jan when I was itching for a game to play..

    4. Victoria and Co.

      Victoria and Co.

      Hey, makes sense to me.

  14. It seems I lack total motivation in doing anything productive...So, Anyone wish to chat? Feel free to message me.

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    2. False Perception

      False Perception

      Not my cup 'ah tea, Bohtty.

    3. False Perception

      False Perception

      Let me just leave this here as a bit of ah joke.


    4. GingerSpice


      I thought that mouse was adorbs! and woah, that song, I thought I wouldn't like it.. but then.. ._.; it got really good all of a sudden, thanks for the song! xD